Can Meditation Help Me Control The Desire For Sex?…

Can Meditation Help Me Control The Desire For Sex?

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, an enlightened being, has propounded a detailed explanation of why and how celibacy is to be practiced with right understanding.

He specifies that the desire for sex may arise, but with the help of right understanding, one is able to oppose it.

Fighting against anything would only make the opponent stronger. However, when you stand in opposition and observe the desire calmly and patiently, in no time the arisen desire would lose its strength and dissolve. And this introspective exercise is best done when you sit in a peaceful place and meditate upon it. Ideally, meditation is something that happens naturally, spontaneously and continuously.

However, until we attain that stage, initially, we will need to make a deliberate effort from our end to sit in meditation for at least one hour and introspect within, on a daily basis.

In this one-hour, you get time to introspect the intensity of your desire, you learn to study the pattern of your behavior when under the influence of the desire, you get to see very clearly the harm this desire is causing to you and to those around you, and when your heart is filled with repentance for it, this urges and inspires you to strengthen your determination to get rid of the desire, and motivates you to go deeper and analyze the roots of this desire.

Thus, all-in-all this entire meditation practice proves very helpful in eliminating your desire for sex. When such daily practice is done honestly and sincerely, very soon you will see your desire for sex has begun to diminish, and gradually over time, it shall get on road to leave forever.

This is because, in the regular meditation that you are doing, your strong subtle belief that there is happiness in sexuality gets hammered day in and day out. It is due to this belief that the desire keeps raising its head again and again. And to change this belief, you need to analyze your desire for sex and patiently and accurately work on the answers to the following questions:

• what is the reason for this desire,

• what are the disadvantages of having such a desire,

• why do I want to get rid of this desire,

• what are the advantages of getting rid of such a desire,

• how can I strengthen my determination to move ahead on the path to get rid of this desire,

• what are the major pitfalls on this path and how do I safeguard myself against them?

• what is the way out in case I happen to give in to my desire?

For this, you may also visit where you shall find adequate help on the subject.

It is a wrong belief that pleasure exists in sex. If you experience greater happiness and pleasure in something other than sex, then you would obviously not seek pleasure in sex.

We may or may not be able to comprehend this fact at this point of time, but all Enlightened beings strongly emphasize that there is no greater happiness that one can experience other than that derived from knowing our real Self, which is the Pure Soul, an abode of eternal bliss!

In today’s times, we are blessed to have amongst us the Living Gnani, the Enlightened One, with whose grace, we can attain this experience very easily!!! There is no monetary charge for it nor is there any severe bodily effort required to attain it. And once we attain Self-Realization from Gnani, the meditation done after it leads to much better, much more prompt and many time more accurate results. So, if possible, look forward to meeting the Gnani at your earliest convenience. For details, you may check out 


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