Can Love Without An Iota Of Jealousy Be Considered True Love?…

Can Love Without An Iota Of Jealousy Be Considered True Love?

The most glamorous myth going around us is that when you are really in love, you get jealous about stupid things for your partner. There are people who also opine that jealousy takes their relationship to another level as it adds the spice in their dull relationship. Jealousy leads one to realize about their sense of possessiveness for their partner. This is a worldly perspective and there are many people living with this opinion. But how can something resulting in fights and conflicts with each other be considered true love? Well, this myth needs to be dispelled completely!

Even an iota of jealousy in a relationship is not true love!


Jealousy is not a sign of love. It stems out of insecurity and negativity for the other person. Jealousy implies you have been viewing your partner as an object to be acquired, without respecting his / her space, along with a sense of distrust for your partner. It’s like a prison where a prisoner has to be subservient and stay according to the rules of the jailor! How can this be called True Love?

This sense of insecurity also stems from one’s own selfish desires to keep his / her partner their own. It is not about caring for the partner, rather it’s about being obsessed with “my” own need for him to be mine, and as this need keeps on increasing, suspicion and jealousy commences.


True Love is beyond demands and desires, infatuation and imprisonments, negativity and suffocation in a relationship. Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, a spiritual scientist, has explained that jealousy is due to infatuation for the other person and that is not real love!

He explains that true love is divine and it begins from the moment one begins to understand one’s True Self! Jealousy, desire, infatuation and attraction are like the leaves that come out of the deepest root of Self-ignorance!

Saint Kabir has defined Pure Love as “That which increases one moment and decreases the next is not love: That which resides in the heart and remains the same, is real love.” If we could just understand this much, we would have understood the true meaning of love.

People’s love increases and decreases the whole day when couples praise each other and then fight over petty things! That which involves attachment and repulsion is not true love but mere attraction! This is only because of infatuation or the illusion of love between them. Real love is devoid of all the above traits.

That which increases or decreases is not love, but infatuation. When love increases it leads to attachment for the other person and when this attachment reaches its peak, abhorrence starts.

Real love is Godly!


Only the Enlightened One’s (Gnani’s) love in this whole world is Pure love which is constant and blissful. This is Godly love that has no selfish motives, jealousy and insecurity involved. Gnani’s love remains constant whether you are near him or away from him, it never reduces or turns into hatred! This is because he feels oneness with each one of us; whoever is around him feels equal love from his side! Such is the power of the Absolute Pure Love of Gnani!


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