Can I Get Enlightened By Reading Something On The Internet?…

Can I Get Enlightened By Reading Something On The Internet?

By reading something on the internet or even good books and scriptures, one may develop intellectually and rise to a higher level. However, if you are keen in enlightening your Soul, you will have to go to Atma Gnani, the Enlightened One!

Only when we attain Self-Realization, we get the ultimate knowledge that enlightens our Soul.

When we read something, the knowledge is gained by our intellect. This knowledge could definitely help us lead a better life. But the knowledge of intellect is relative and the knowledge attained through Self-Realization is real and hence it leads to salvation.

It’s like no matter how much we may ever read regarding sugar and its taste and properties, we can never understand what the sweet taste means until we meet someone who gives us sugar, puts it on our tongue, and makes us taste it.

That’s the reason Living Gnani is required!!!

Suppose there is an enlightened candle. To light another candle with this enlightened candle, the physical presence of both is required, isn’t it?

Similarly, by the grace of the Living Gnani, we get the real (experiential) knowledge that, ‘John (please insert his own name here) is separate and I am a Pure Soul.’ With this knowledge, the awareness of the Pure Soul starts, because it is not a ritual, it is science!

The knowledge that Lord Krishna gave to Arjun in person, today we are getting the same knowledge of Self-Realization from the Living Gnani through the science of Akram Vignan.

In this world, there are two types of path to enlightenment

One is the step by step path. You have to do something to achieve Self-Realization – do some reading of scriptures, meditation, chanting some mantras or do worship, penance, some rituals or sadhna for finding ‘who am I’ – and you will finally get Self-Realization. But that is a long, long, very long path. So many years and so many lives we may have passed on that path.

The other is the Akram i.e. a stepless or an elevator path. Here, within exactly forty-eight minutes, we get the realization of the Self (enlightenment of Soul); and within next one hour, we get the five principles teaching us how to remain in the awareness of ‘I am a Pure Soul’ and dissolve our discharge karma. Thus, within two hours, we get from Gnani, the real knowledge of ‘who am I and who is the doer’, and the principles, which when we abide by, we can finish all our discharge karma of past life without charging any new karma by remaining in the awareness of Pure Soul..

The Soul has always been pure. But due to wrong belief, we cannot get the experience of the Pure Soul. In the two hour process of Self-Realization called Gnanvidhi, all our wrong beliefs get fractured and the right belief gets set regarding, “who am I, what are my properties, what are my qualities, how I am separate from mind-speech and body, what is my function, how to keep awareness of Pure Soul in this body.

Once you experience your true Self, automatically your vision gets pure. You then begin to see the faults of ego, pride, anger, etc. within. When you see your faults in the awareness of the Soul, they automatically shed off. So, as you remain in touch with Gnani, you can see more and more faults that are present within, and as the faults leave, you become more and more pure. And thus, the light of enlightened Soul enhances day after day.


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In June 1958, spontaneous Self-Realization occurred within Ambalal M. Patel. From this point on, Ambalal became a Gnani Purush, and…

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