Can I Attain Moksha By Leading A Normal Life And Just By Doing My Work As Worship?…

Can I Attain Moksha By Leading A Normal Life And Just By Doing My Work As Worship?

It’s a good thing to do our work as a worship; it ought to be done so.

However, that’s not enough to attain Moksha.

For instance, suppose you’ve been doing your work as a worship, with utmost sincerity. And just then, you overhear two people talking about you. “Oh! John (please insert your own name here) is a lazy bone. He is not able to complete even a small task on time”, says one; and the other is quick to respond, “Over and above, his work is so shabby.” Listening to this, what would happen to you within? You would get angry, right?

Now, until one gets angry, he cannot go to Moksha.

If you experience samadhi (bliss) permanently, consider that all your work has been completed!

-Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan

We get angry because we all live in the attributes of the prakruti (the worldly self). Although it is the worldly self that makes a person do any work, we claim to be the doer of the work, ‘I am doing the work’, and subtly or expressly take pride in this doership.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan explains, “When you become the doer, you are planting the seed of a new karma for your life to come. Everything around you is happening according to the unfolding of your past karma; but instead you take credit for it. We take the credit of doership in events which are unfolding naturally as a result of their past karma. It is a grave mistake to do this. They would achieve moksha (ultimate liberation) if only they could destroy this mistake of false doership.”

So, by not knowing our real Self and by believing that ‘I am John (please insert your own name here), we have made the one fundamental mistake, upon which a series of mistakes continue to take place. ‘I am John’ is relatively correct. But really correct is, ‘I am permanently a Pure Soul.’

Pure Soul is the right and permanent answer of ‘who am I’.

“We are all a Pure Soul. The Soul has always been pure. However, due to wrong belief, we are not able to experience the Soul. When you get the knowledge of who is the doer, who am I, how to solve things with equanimity, this knowledge will help you to remain in the Pure Soul with right belief, right understanding.” says Gnani (the Enlightened One).

In Akram Vignan, with the divine grace of Gnani, we get the right knowledge to attain Moksha.

With the grace of Gnani, we attain Self-Realization in just 2 hours. Then, as we use this knowledge with the help of the principles given by Gnani, we are able to maintain awareness of the Soul and keep separation, “John is separate. I am Pure Soul.” Those that don’t let us work for our Soul (the Self) are our opponents namely anger-pride-deceit-greed (kashays). By applying Gnani’s teachings on a day-to-day basis, these faults begin to dissolve and the awareness that you are really a Soul enhances.

When you are a Soul, you just observe all circumstances.

You see, ‘Oh, the mind is functioning right now, intellect took this decision, now ego has arisen.’ You will be aware of all of this, and at the same time you are aware that this is all in John and not in me. When you feel the separation, you experience total bliss inside.

You do whatever your job is; the work cannot be stopped or avoided. The work will happen. But previously you believed, ‘I am doing.’ Now, after Self-Realization, you realize that ‘This all happens by the circumstances and John too is one of the circumstances.’ Since there is no new action, there will not come any new reaction. Whatever job John is seen doing is a result of the past karma. He had made intentions in the past; therefore this job has come for John to do. John does it and the task is achieved.

And now, after Self-Realization, if someone calls us a lazy bone or says our work is shabby, we know why so. It is because of the law of karma that operates in this world. It is John’s past karma. We, as John, had uttered something wrong earlier, due to which this came our way. It’s our own fault and not anyone else’s. With this right understanding, we experience no anger but bliss. This is how, with right understanding, one begins to see the world as faultless (nirdosh) and progresses towards moksha. Gnani teaches us that in life:

• Do not hurt or harm anyone.

• Use your mind, speech, body and Soul for others.

• Attain Self-Realization.

So, we can definitely attain moksha by leading a normal life and by doing our work as a worship, but after Self-Realization. Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan says, “You do not have to do any kriyas or practice any austerities for moksha, you only need to realize your real Self and see the world as nirdosh (faultless).”


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