Can Focusing On The Positive Really Make Us Happier?…

Can Focusing On The Positive Really Make Us Happier?

Yes, definitely!

When you see a rose plant, doesn’t that make you feel happier?

It does! And why is that?

It is because we focus on the rose, and not the thorns attached to it. We focus on the positive, and therefore it makes us happier! If we complain about the thorns, who will be at loss? Us only. But we ignore the thorns and pick up the rose; hence it makes us happier.

“Any good thing will be ruined by talking negatively about it; similarly, bad thing will improve by speaking positive about it.”

~ Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan

This means the positive has such enormous power that it can improve even a bad thing to good. Then, focusing on that will naturally make us happier, isn’t it?

“The rule of circumstances is that one weak circumstance will pull together many other weak circumstances and one strong circumstance will pull together many other strong circumstances”

~ Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan

So when we focus on the positive, we attract positive evidences that help get our work done very easily and sm☺☺thly.

“There is tremendous energy in the word ‘yes’ and tremendous weakness in the word ‘no’”

~ Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan

Focusing on the positive makes us feel


Calm and collective in genuinely difficult situations,

Able to quickly find answers to any problem,

Physically healthy, and also

Strong and better in our relationships.

which when put together makes us happier!

“Adopt one principle in life; always remain positive, never support negative. Whenever any negativity arises, remain silent.”

~ Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan

To focus on the positive and remain positive, we may try the following:

Even amidst 100 negatives, we shall find out one positive.

We shall surround ourselves with positive friends who are inspiring, encouraging and optimistic.

We shall try and remain in vicinity of those great people who have a positive vision. Just seeing them with appreciation flowers those attributes naturally within us too.

If we keep our eyes on what we have, rather than bring tears in eyes for what we don’t, it makes us happier.

We shall not allow past experiences to shadow our present. Whatever happened in the past, we will just let it go. We’ll learn from our mistakes and move on, on a cheerful note.

We shall never compare ourselves with others, for every individual is good at something different. Let’s believe in our abilities and be confident about them. We all have tremendous energies within us. You might have read some inspiring stories in newspapers or on social media as to how people exercised their inner strength when they had to deal or cope with the extremely difficult situation. The same strength lies in all of us. So we shall remain keen to draw that strength of ours.

We will always see positive in others. We’ll quickly find out 5 positives vis-a-vis every single adverse thought that crops up in our mind.

When our mind turns towards negative, we will firmly disagree with it and strive to focus on the positive only. For instance, if we see negative thoughts arising for some person in our mind, we shall immediately say to ourselves, “After all s/he is a very good person!”

We shall find out which emotion is not allowing us to focus on positive – is it insecurity, jealousy, competition, over-expectations from ourselves or others, or something else? And then, we’ll perform pratikraman for all of these mistakes.

Pratikraman means to return. It is a 3-fold simple process:

Alochana – confessing the mistake.

Pratikraman – asking for forgiveness for that mistake.

Pratyakhyan – making the firm resolve to never repeat the mistake again.

Performing pratikraman makes us lighter and allows us to focus on the positive.

“The whole world has constantly wandered around in negativity and died. This Akram [science] is a fine positive path”

~ Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan

Acquiring the knowledge of the Soul (Self-Realization) is the ultimate essence of focusing on the positive. Through Akram Science, we all can attain Self-Realization directly with the grace of the Enlightened One in just an hour’s time. Then we discover the truth of our real Self, which is full of happiness. So many have already found immense happiness and bliss in their life through the attainment of this Akram science; then why not we?! So come, let’s go to the Enlightened One and attain Self-Realization asap…


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