Can Enlightenment Still Happen If One Is Still Attached To Relationships?…

Can Enlightenment Still Happen If One Is Still Attached To Relationships?

Attachment to relationships or sex thrives only until one’s caught in the darkness of ignorance. Just as lighting one lamp dispels the darkness around it, similarly enlightenment of the Soul does away with the darkness of the ignorance of the Self.

Enlightenment begins with Self-Realization.

Say you love the taste of tea. But what if you drink tea after eating a sweet? You automatically find the tea tasteless, isn’t it? Similarly, Self-Realization has the sweetest taste of all; it’s the taste of the bliss of the Soul, after which the interest in these worldly desires wanes off on its own.

Here, one may wonder, “But enlightenment (Self-Realization) is not easy. It takes years and years and life after life of hard penance and austerities, and renunciation and forsaking of worldly life, to make it happen. Then, how do I?”

But do you know?…

Self-Realization is very easy, when attained the Akram way!

Anyone who wishes to be enlightened can attain Self-Realization in just two hours time through the Akram way, because in Akram science, enlightenment happens with the direct grace of Gnani, the Enlightened One!!! And therefore, it has no charges attached to it either.

When Gnani enlightens our Soul, He, with his divine spiritual powers, puts in a line of demarcation between our real Self and the relative or the worldly self.

Our real Self is the Pure Soul that resides within and our relative or the worldly self comprises of body, speech, mind, intellect, ego, etc. It is the relative self that gets attached to relationships whereas the real Self i.e. the Soul has always remained pure, untainted, untouched and unaffected by any kind of material desire that one may have.

In the enlightenment kindled by Gnani,…

Gnani separates the territory of the ‘real’ from the ‘relative’ i.e. he dissociates the Soul (the real Self) from the relative self. He makes us realize ‘who really am I’ by gracing us with the experiential understanding of what belongs to our real Self and what belongs to our relative self. Therefore, this is one of the easiest ways to Self-Realization – attained through Gnani’s grace!

It is important to note here that…

In Akram Vignan, one’s inner psyche remains as it is even after one acquires Self-realization. But what is destroyed is the wrong belief of one’s identity. The imposition of ‘I am’ where one is really not is removed (from the relative self), and the ‘I’ is placed in the correct place where it really belongs to (in the real Self). Hence, even after enlightenment, the one having attachment to relationships or sex remains, but in the relative self. This attachment does not have to be curbed, but it is to be rendered insipid now. How?? That too Gnani, the Enlightened One, teaches us!!! Let’s take a brief glimpse of it, as mentioned below:

On one hand, Gnani instils in us the awareness that we are really a Pure Soul, an abode of eternal bliss, as its function is only to see and know. With this awareness, our interest in wordly desires starts diminishing drastically.

And on the other hand, He explains the spiritual science; how it is the mind, speech and body that get involved in these desires. If however, you do not get involved in it, you remain in the awareness of the real Self that only sees and knows, you remain unbound.

Consequently, the atoms of past life that invoked these desires through the medium of mind, speech and body continue to shed. Thus, with every passing day, we become more and more free of these worldly desires; and one day, our state indeed becomes like that of a lotus, growing in the lake and yet untouched by the water.

Therefore, aspire for enlightenment!

Enlightenment can and must happen even if one is still attached to relationships or sex, because only thereafter, all the desires and pleasures of the world, despite being sweet, will automatically and effortlessly become tasteless vis-a-vis the taste of the bliss of the Soul, and eventually the inner temptations shall die down completely, provided we remain glued to the light (Gnan) shown by the Enlightened One (Gnani)!!!

We are born in the age where we have the Science of Akram


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