Can An Enlightened Person Remove The Sufferings Of Other People?…

Can An Enlightened Person Remove The Sufferings Of Other People?

One of the many things that connects us to our fellow beings or for that matter all living beings, is the common experience of pain. We all experience pain in some way or the other, at one time or another. We may try our best, but we can never shield ourselves or our loved ones completely from experiencing pain. It is unavoidable. This is like a viral infection; almost everyone has had it at some point.

However, there are people with strong immunity, due to which they generally do not catch infection. In fact, research scientists study the defense mechanism of the bodies of such individuals, in order to develop vaccines that can help the rest of the population resist a particular strain of virus.

Similarly, there are people who have immunity to manage pain and agony in life. Even in circumstances that have potential to cause great suffering, these people seldom experience any pain or misery. So like in case of viral infection, we can study these individuals and learn ways to better equip ourselves to face painful circumstances such that our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health is well-maintained.

One who is spiritually enlightened, one who has attained Self-Realization has this immunity, which arises from the power of the right understanding. Whenever any adverse circumstance comes up in his life, he is well aware of the reason why this circumstance has arisen in his life. He knows that the pain he is experiencing is a mere effect, and he also knows that it is a fruit of some bad seed that he himself has sown in the past. Therefore, even in such painful circumstances, he has no complaint whatsoever.

On the contrary, he is totally relaxed. And his entire attention is on the fact that no new seed, good or bad, gets sown now; because a new seed sown would mean remaining entrapped in the cycle of cause and effect.

The law of karma states that anything that happens in our life is a result (effect) of the karmic seeds (cause) we’ve sown in previous life. The register of karmas is like a balance sheet. Every good karma is accordingly rewarded with happiness, and every bad karma brings pain and misery. This means the suffering that comes in our life is nothing but a result of our own bad karmas in previous life. – This right understanding gives the enlightened person the power to mentally remain at peace and pass through the pain with equanimity.

Further, being a Self-realized being, he is never one (deeply absorbed) with the body. This separation of the Self (Pure Soul) from the non-Self (body, mind, intellect, ego, etc.) keeps him immune from all pain and sufferings.

One who is himself strong and immune can freely pull out others from their illnesses, be it mental, physical, emotional or spiritual. No one can change the karmic outcomes, but by imparting right understanding the Enlightened being removes the sufferings of others. Further, by gracing the seeker with Self-Realization, he not only removes one’s present suffering but breaks the entire chain of suffering. He places the sufferer onto the path of moksha, the end result of which is eternal happiness and bliss!!! Even by seeing such an enlightened person leading his daily life, we get to learn a lot and gradually develop our immunity bit by bit.

To conclude:

Removing the suffering does not mean releasing the pain or getting rid of the pain-inducing circumstance itself. This is not what the enlightened person does; and for that matter, it is something which no one can do.

What the enlightened person can do is: No matter how grave and painful the external circumstances are, with his grace and the right knowledge that he bestows upon us, internally we get equipped with the strength and power to pass through those circumstances with ease, without being adversely affected by them and maintaining total equanimity and peace!


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