Call Them New Year’s Evolutions, Not Resolutions…

Call Them New Year’s Evolutions, Not Resolutions

Many New Year’s resolutions evoke feelings of “This is it, this is my new year of success, prosperity and happiness”, but then harsh reality of life quickly sets in, and here return the complaints about being tired, overworked, and burned out.  People start with great intentions, but the statistics of those who actually stick with them aren’t so great.  Statistics show that only 9.2 percent of people ever achieve their New Year’s resolutions and break free from status quo habits.

If there is one thing I have successfully learned about life, it’s that life comes in stages.  It’s not done all at once in a modern day Big Bang style, it’s a subtle energetic progression based on where you are, where you want to go, and how you structure your life choices around that.  The ultimate realization of truth is that you evolve your path by walking it over time.

Who you are is already getting better.

One way to start to fix the mindset of resolutions is to evolve your new habits and goals over time instead of trying very hard to resolve them now.  Think of DNA, the backbone of evolution and your body. It is the genetic instruction guide for life and its processes, holding the instructions for you and your development. DNA takes time and instruction from itself to code and coordinate the making of itself.  It already knows what it needs, irrelevant of any outside feeling or objection.  DNA knows how to evolve over time and usually into something more advanced.

Focus on how you choose to start NOW.

As the saying goes, “getting started is the hardest part”.  Once you start, think of using the power of inertia, which in the world of physics does say a body at rest will stay at rest or a body in motion will stay in motion, provided no outside source comes along to change its course.  Use the power of the universe.  Use the inertia of motion to keep going once started.  Go slow and steady, as consistency and repetition are the key to success.

YOU want the change, so be the change.  Easier said that done, I know from personal experience, but one way to help you is to bring it down to the very basics of life.  Close your eyes and envision being an amoeba.  Forgive the possibly perceived crude approach to the basics of science, but the idea is that if you want something, you have to incorporate it (bring it into your body) in order to gestate it or bring it to life.  If simple life forms can do it, so can you!!  Be that amoeba that comes along to eat the idea whole, because what residents in you, resonates in you.  The world of physics knows the power of vibrational frequency in manifesting dreams, so I suggest that you envelop your goals daily, until it becomes a part of you and from there it evolves.

Whether you realize it or not, you are always manifesting your reality.

In every moment, through your vibration, your thoughts, your beliefs and intentions, you are creating your life experience.  You are one with everything in the Universe.

Let your ‘wants’ outshine your ‘needs’.

To begin in new year’s evolutions, sit back and ask yourself… what is it that you truly want. WANT. Not need. Want is a verb, an action, that indicates a desire to possess or do something.  It is the amazing universal energy that enters your body and becomes the passion that revs your internal engine to spur you forward.

Want and need have very different energy. When you say to yourself something that you want, notice where you feel the energy of it.  For me, when I want something, I feel excitement and butterflies in my stomach. The stomach is home to the third chakra, also know as the solar plexus, and is the seat of personal power.  Whereas, if I need something, it feels graspy, urgent, upset energy that gives me more of the all over flight or fight anxiety based in FEAR… that I’d rather run the hell outta here!

Think of who you are and the foundational nature of who you are.  Honestly, self-awareness is the key to unlock all your potential for success.  As for me, I don’t make resolutions to become a singer, a gourmet chef, or a travel agent because those are WAY outside of my wheelhouse.  I focus on the goals that will help be a more evolved version of the person I am meant to be.

I think of broader themes like “freedom” or “independence” and start there.  If freedom to you means traveling more, then think of how travel adds to your sense of freedom.  Or maybe quitting your nicotine habit means more freedom for moving around with the world without feeling short of breath.  The theme of what you are feeling, will lead to the want, which will lead to your spiritual DNA birthing it for you.  Trust this.

Your resolutions are your evolution.  You are resolved to evolve.  It’s built in your DNA.  So start with one thing.  Start with the first choice that comes to mind.  Eat that idea like an amoeba and grow into the practice of believing that inertia can help take you where you want to go.  Stay steady and committed to the idea.  If you need help, reach out to me!  And make sure to follow me on Instagram @jennmaronek for more ideas.  Science helps us know the fundamental truths that are already there, it’s when we are ready to awaken… we actually see them.

Be well…..and resolve to evolve.


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