By Your Light, You Shall Be Known…

By Your Light, You Shall Be Known

I am in Utah attending the fourth and final session of School of the Soul as I write this.

I feel blessed and honored to have been learning from Brian Robertson and Simon James, along with some astonishing peers these past two years. The training has pulled me out of my comfort zone, challenged my abilities, and allowed me to embrace spirit even more.

This is the first intuitive/medium class that I have taken since 2005. I have always asked my “Guides” to be my teachers, and I have not been disappointed. They continue to give me endless insight while they gently remind me to set my ego aside.

They help me to ask all the questions that force me to go deep.

They are my magic muscle!

However, the recent classes that I have taken have not just taught me new methods and opened my spirit, but more than anything, they have given me SO MUCH validation.

The School of the Soul has validated the integrity that I do my best to share with you. This work can be pretty cool, but if I make it about me, it will never work.

It’s about our individual soul journeys – our personal life lessons.

Over this course, Brian has often said, “By your light, you shall be known” – and I find myself repeating that because it resonates with me for obvious reasons.

I see your light – even when you can’t!

• I LOVE that we do the “work” together.

• I LOVE that you embrace your truth even when you want to hit me.

• I LOVE that most of you enjoy the self-discovery journey as much as I do.

• I LOVE that you embrace your light and don’t shy away from your greatness.

• I LOVE that I learn from you daily and cuss in my head at times from the lessons you teach me.

• I LOVE that we are shining a little brighter together.

I guess I wanted to say, THANK YOU for being such great teachers as well.

“By your light, you shall be known.”

Mantra: By my light, I shall be known.


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Dena Gould


Dena is a Spiritual Impetus who is inspired to help people achieve fulfilling, happy lives through self-exploration, intuitive energy balancing…

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