Buying A Pound Of Patience…

Buying A Pound Of Patience

During this time of volatility, uncertainty, ambiguity and complexity, I’m looking for ways to stay whole and rational.  Given the influx of sad news, I’m looking for slivers of silver lining that will carry me through the tough times ahead.  I’m ready to share with you one idea that is helping me and may help you.  I’m going to the patience store and I’m buying a pound of patience.

Let me explain.

I just got off a coaching call with one of my clients.  She gave me a perfect example of how she, her family and her business teams are being more patient.  During Zoom calls, children have a sixth sense of interrupting and wanting attention right at a critical meeting discussion.  This client says that this happens so often that the team laughs, the needed parent puts their phone on mute, gives a hug to the child while the team carries on.  A perfect way of showing acceptance and tolerance for a new way of working.  Taking these kinds of micro-breaks would never have happened before Corona.  Now we must find ways of being patient with each other to find innovative ways of overcoming difficult challenges.  So buying a pound of patience for this team really pays off in their continuing to get stuff done given the constraints of working at home with kids and dogs and partners coming and going.

Yeah team.

But I also need to buy a pound of patience for myself.  I’ve noticed that my tolerance for excessive emails is not what it used to be.  It seems like I get more each day from others who are looking to make a buck.  So I am patiently and empathetically deleting these emails once a day.  I also need to be patient with learning new technologies like Zoom.  Never a techie, this Zoom stuff is fun when you get the hang of it but like any new skill, it takes lots of practice.  Given our new world of work, I now have lots of time to get comfortable with Zoom. I’m also more patient with my self-care.  I used to have a rigid schedule of weekly exercise, diet, etc.  I’ve had to relax those standards and adopt more of a “being in the moment” and “going with the flow” given weather conditions.  I’m also noticing that I need to tell people what I need instead of getting frustrated when I don’t feel loved or noticed or connected to.

Think about what you can do with a pound of patience.  Your patience store is open 24/7 and I bet it’s right around the corner.  Visit it often now and as we come through these times together.

Peace and love.


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