But I Want To Be Her…

But I want to be her.

The girl with the luscious waves and perfect selfies.

The woman who works that 9-5 and gets to dress nice everyday.

I want to be that girl whose boyfriend is so in love with her and posts about how great she is all the time.

That girl that spends hours in the gym and has such an amazing body, man, I would kill to be her.

I feel so lonely so often that I look at groups of friends living life to their full potential together and I’m jealous.

I long to be the woman pregnant with her third baby because I’m exhausted trying for my own.

I want to be her too girlfriend, I want to be her too.

So let me take a minute and give you a new perspective

That girl with the luscious waves and perfect selfies – she cries herself to sleep many nights for numerous reasons. She smiles and uses the attention to help her breathe throughout her day.

The woman who works that 9-5 hates her job and is just making a living for her family. The best part of her day is stripping those nice clothes off and throwing on a t shirt.

The girl whose boyfriend constantly posts about her wishes he would stop. His posts are his way of apologizing for the abuse he’s putting her through behind the screen. He’s not sorry, he just wants to cover his behavior up.

That girl who spends hours in the gym does so to control her anxiety and depression. She fuels her workouts by her negative thoughts to get the results for that amazing body.

Don’t feel alone as you feel lonely. Even those groups of friends feel lonely sometimes. They’re just blessed to have found each other within the chaos of life. Don’t fret, you will find your tribe soon too.

Your next baby hasn’t formed yet because you’re being protected until it’s time. Life knew you had other obstacles to face and wanted you to stress as little as possible. The woman pregnant with multiple children cries for a break now that it’s almost impossible to get one.

No one’s life is as perfect as it looks. Everyone struggles differently. Their struggle is not yours to know, just like yours is not theirs to know. It is private business. However, always be kind for the simple fact that you don’t know what people are dealing with in private.


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