But I Changed My Thoughts!…

But I Changed My Thoughts!

Years ago, I, along with most of us who vibed this vibe, was introduced to the Law of Attraction as a way of living a more full, more affluent, more abundant life and more peaceful life.

In this first introduction, I learned that “thoughts make things” and “change your thoughts, change your life.”

While this is a very, very good beginning point to moving onto another path of our journey, it is just that, the beginning steps on a long and glorious way of self-discovery and self full-fill-ment.

Remember this word, fulfillment. It will matter in a bit.

There was a time in my life where the rabbit hole I had dug myself into seemed way to deep and far to black ever easily to remove myself from.

I had dug this hole without a shovel, without any real knowledge of doing it, and certainly without any intention at all.

No-one intentionally intends to dig a hole so deep they can’t find a way out, yet this is precisely what we do, and we do it unconsciously.

Like so many journeys our human self takes, we take them unconsciously. This is why “change your thoughts, change your life” is such an important beginning step.

When the choice is finally made to take stock in where you are, what you have chosen to bring into your life, the people, the places, the external circumstances of life that are now eating at your inner self, our thoughts shift.

When we start consciously choosing to think differently, we will begin to notice circumstances shape-shifting into more beneficial, more enjoyable, and more peaceful avenues to walk down.

This type of thought process helps remove us from the VICTIM mindset, which is the pattern our ego uses to keep us believing that external circumstances prevent us or determines our destiny.

When we are in VICTIM IDENTITY, we dig the rabbit hole.


Without intention.

Using the Law of Attraction, we begin to MANIFEST our new paths.

We begin to chose differently, using our mental power, to describe the world we want to “See” for ourselves.

Our motivation to change our external circumstances begins us on a path of imagination.

Affirming, through words and thoughts, we begin to visualize our future selves in a more positive, more FEEL-FULL-MENT way.

Our thinking starts to change, so our lives begin to change.

We become Goal and Task Oriented.

We follow the “SHOULD BE” model that books, self help gurus, movies and therapists tell us we “should be”, and BOOM! Another Rabbit Hole is dug.

This rabbit hole is much more beautiful than the Victim Rabbit Hole.

It has pretty things, sunshine, blankets, happy people, money, and even more things we imagine into our being.

SO…why are we still Un-Full-Filled at this stage?

The Law of Attraction tells us that if we just “think it,” we can “be it” and “have it” !

This is where it becomes tricky and where most of us get stuck.

We begin to linger in the “Should Be” state of life.

I “Should Be”… Rich, happy, married, traveling, have a business, have a career, have a…whatever the hell you think your should be, perfect life tells you to have.

Perfect life, equipped with the perfect pill and the perfect drink so we can live the should be illusion forever because we are supposed to be…..

Sooner or later, your soul finds a way to whack us upside the head and remind us there is more.

This is where we begin to realize that “thoughts may indeed become things,” but “things” aren’t what brings us joy, love, light, and happiness.

At this point on my journey, I learned that yelling over and over “WTF, GOD! I CHANGED MY THOUGHTS, I CHANGED MY LIFE, WTF!!!” may not have been the easiest way to move forward, but it did work.

My soul brought the student me to the teachers I needed for this next step.


This is where I learned to Surrender.

Albeit the harsh and long path way, but I did learn.

I learned to live in the Zone of a Universal Presence, a Life Intelligence who has never been born and will never die lead me.

Now, this is not in a religious, head down, bow to the big guy in the Sky with the Big J sitting next to him lead the way to follow.

It isn’t a don’t kill the spider, ant, fly or gnat while sitting crossed knee in the middle of the ocean with the sun beating down on me while I burn begging for enlightenment way either.

No, this was an “I can not do this with just my thoughts anymore” sort of way.

I surrendered my need to “figure it out” and allowed Universal Intelligence to guide me by slowing down my mental chatter.

I stopped pursuing life as a Sprinter.

I stopped looking to acquire externally and began researching my life internally.

Intentionally going internally to understand eternity.

I still visualized, I always set goals and did the tasks to reach those goals, but It wasn’t from MOTIVATION, which comes from external circumstances, the mind, the individual or the things happening outside of me.

I visualized from INSPIRATION, which comes from the Mind of the Infinite.

What our SOUL NEEDS not what our Ego desires.

Once I chose to slow motion my life, I began meditating, breathing, listening, following the strands of Divine Intervention, seeing with eyes behind my eyes, hearing with ears behind my ears, feeling with a heart behind my heart, my slow-motion thoughts became “Flow Motion” living.

This is where I began to Understand Life itself lives through us as unique expressions of itself through our soul.

This is now where I attempt to live daily.

In the BEING.

In this state we understand the “I AM AS US.” or as my Catholic upbringing taught me rather unsuccessfully, “Thou art and I am and I am Thou Art.”

This is the state of Being where we are no longer just Task Oriented or Goal Oriented, we are Purpose-Oriented.

This is the state where we have our Satori, or “Aha” moment that tells us our lives revolve around Kensho which is the slower awakening of our Souls that is ever eternal., ever evolving.

In Kensho, we slowly release that which no longer serves us.

We begin to learn that to really be FULL-FILLED we need to stop looking to FEEL-FULL.

In this VISIONING State, we learn who we are “Meant to Be.”

This long and winding road brings us more prosperity, more joy, more love, more health, more wealth, more peace, more freedom, more engaging relationships, more creativity, more excitement, more awe-mazement, more In-sight, more Full-fill-ment and more of all you have ever hoped, dreamed and desired with the added joy of knowing, really knowing we will never, ever be without because it is already given.

I said attempt because life is a practice in patience, love, and understanding.

In order to Re-Member our soul’s purpose, we need to practice daily self- love, self-acceptance, self -understanding in a “Soul-Flow Motion” of Being.


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