Why You Should Bring The Elements Of Earth Into Your Home…

Why You Should Bring The Elements Of Earth Into Your Home

Bring in the Elements

A shift in the energy flow of the home or office can do wonders for one’s productivity and mood.

An earth element of Feng Shui nurtures well-being, it is an empowering vigor that radiates downward and strengthens the sense of security and stability.

However, its implementation requires a good Feng Shui home, and alertness to other natural elements.

So, here is how to summon the strong presence of the earth in the home and make it more visually pleasing.

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Use the Colors of Earth

The first rule to adhere to is to use items that are aesthetically appropriate and fit in with the rest of the décor.

The good news is that there is a plethora of options for conjuring the might of the earth, and they can become an integral part of any personal decorating style.

They add life, style and potency to the rooms, blending the ancient wisdom with the contemporary design solutions.

Welcome the earth in the Bagua areas of West, Southwest, Northwest, Northeast and Center. With that in mind, take note that it is not a good idea to neglect a single room. For example, many people make the mistake of leaving their bathrooms cold and lifeless.

This disrupts the flow of energy in the home and undermines the fragile balance.

One of the best ways to invite the earth element is to harness the power of the colors.

The spectrum of muted, earthy tones is rich and full of great choices like luscious latte, olive green, terracotta. Steer clear of bright shades, unless the goal is to compliment the earthy energy with fiery forces.

What is more, the earth has its favored shapes, most often embodied in rectangles, squares, and horizontal lines.

Salt Rock Lamp and Terracotta

Nothing awakens the sturdy energy of earth like natural stones and crystals. These earth cures emanate the feeling of calmness and happiness, while crystals can also be used for good Feng Shui.

A salt rock lamp is another striking spectacle that brings forth various health benefits. Namely, a heated salt rock acts as a natural air ionizer, deepening the earth dimension in the home.  

Furthermore, utilize terracotta holders or diffusers to solidify the earthy foundations and disperse essential oils in the air. On top of that, fire from the candles nourishes the earth element and creates the symphony of natural forces.  

Since a well lit home is essential for Feng Shui, one must pay close attention to the lighting fittings.

Their color and design matter, as well as material they are composed of.

Indoor Gardening, Earthy Accessories and Sandstone Tiles

Finally, capture the earthy essence with clay figurines, photos of warm landscapes, bowls and vases. When grouped together, these items invoke warm conversation energy.

A large earthenware bowl with the crystals can be placed in the center of the living space, but the role of the focal point can be reserved for a blooming plant as well, as it adds warmth to the space.

Think also in terms of throws, curtains and pillows. Earth-toned décor accessories like rugs are particularly important as they ground the energy. The same is true for durable sandstone tiles that are a real treat for the eyes as well. At last, one must not overlook the potted plants.

An indoor garden is a rejuvenating element that does not only add to the aesthetic value of the home, but also supports personal growth and prosperity.

Hold Ground

Leave the doors open for the earth energy and transform the home into a soothing, inspiring sanctuary. Many manage to assemble a décor that features a timeless charm with a modern twist.

Indeed, the earth element, with its grounding support, is a welcome guest in any home.

It brings comfort to the soul, enthralls with the visual accord and revitalizes the body. So, have your ear to the ground and hear it speak to your soul.


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