I’m Brian Leaf, And This Is My Dharma…

I’m Brian Leaf, And This Is My Dharma

Brian Leaf, MA, is a funny yogi. But he’s deep too. He’s equally unafraid to call out to god and to pass wind audibly in yoga class. He wants you to be that free, too. And that’s why he wrote THE TEACHER APPEARS: 108 Prompts to Power Your Yoga Practice (https://www.amazon.com/Teacher-Appears-Prompts-Power-Practice/dp/0692770585).

Your Personal or Professional Goals:

To live authentically and transparently. To have the mindfulness to tune into my intuition and the courage to follow it. To empower others to do the same.

What’s your offering to the world:

My offering is THE TEACHER APPEARS: 108 Prompts to Power Your Yoga Practice (https://www.amazon.com/Teacher-Appears-Prompts-Power-Practice/dp/0692770585). I wrote this book from my heart.

Who/What Inspires You:

Swami Kripalu, the namesake of the Kripalu Center in Lenox, Massachusetts. There’s a dude that knew how to love.

Tell us about your new book The Teacher Appears:

108 Prompts to Power Your Yoga Practice (http://amzn.to/2gAfv28) .
It’s an illustrated journal. I had a great time writing it and I’m so happy and grateful that it is resonating with people. Rockstar yogi Adam Levine even shared the book to his 10 million facebook fans. I wrote much of the book myself, but I also asked yogis who inspire me to contribute. I was blown away by the response. Krishna Das, Sharon Gannon, Seane Corn, Jack Kornfield, Shiva Rea, Ana Forrest, and many more wrote guest prompts for the book. Here are a few sample pages.


My mission is tune into my inner wisdom — my heart — and to teach others to do the same. This has become a bit of a lost art and it’s something we need to live fully and to thrive. My mission is also to learn to properly love and be loved.

Favorite Quote:

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ― Rumi

(six photos attached)


at least 15 minutes of yoga daily
meditate at least 20 minutes daily
make decisions from my heart
build a snow igloo with my kids every winter

Online and Social Sites:

Website URL: www.TeacherAppears.net
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Misadventures.of.a.Yogi
Twitter: @BrianLeaf (https://twitter.com/BrianLeaf)


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