Breaking Down To Find Yourself, “Seeing The Person Behind The Mask”…

Breaking Down To Find Yourself, “Seeing The Person Behind The Mask”

Do you find yourself surrounded by people that constantly expect you to be the person they want you to be? Do they lift you up, to only break you down again? If you are in constant conflict and battle with yourself for no reason, to only find that you get backed up into a corner once again by yourself more confused; only trying to make sense of so much nonsense. Then you are fighting your inner self, because it is trying to break you down so you can redefine yourself all over again to reach the path of self-love.

Your body is calling out to you that it needs to be broken down to piece it back together so that it can make sense and form the big picture of a completed puzzle that will be shown to you later. Your body in the break down process will build itself back up stronger and sometimes this process is so painful, because it makes you see everyone around you for who they truly are behind the mask.

There comes a time in life where our desire is to find our true purpose and our true meaning of ourselves. All of that comes and starts from within, so this is an inner self transformation that must take place to open yourself up to new possibilities and experiences that will set you on a new path vibrating at your highest level leading to a self fulfilling life you never thought was possible.

There will be career changes and even a change in your personal life. A major change will start to take place right before your eyes and some people won’t even like the new you, because you will be so different that you won’t even be able to recognize your ownself. You will be a better you. A person who will know exactly what she wants and what she stands for without having to validate that for anyone. You will no longer allow another to hold you back to the world that has been opened up to you before your very own eyes. All of a sudden, life takes on a whole new meaning.

You will start to see people’s true intentions. It will not be easy to look at people behind the mask, because people and life in general will finally be who they always were. Remember though, your true friends will always remain who they truly have always been. When you change, everything and everyone around you changes. So be prepared to accept what you used to see, is not always what you thought it was at all. All of a sudden you feel like the whole world was in constant motion as you slept through it all, but in reality you’re seeing the constant flow of energy fields around you in the motions of life while the others are just pushing through.

You start to see the importance of all life forms in a wake up state of reality. There are no more smoking mirrors. In fact you won’t even be able to understand how you even got this far in life without taking off your mask and putting on the rose colored glasses that you are now looking through. You see the world you never saw, and you start to notice signs and messages. You are also seeing people now for who they truly are and what they truly stand for. It’s a real eye opener. It doesn’t have to be a painful experience. It’s meant to make you grow and become stronger as you take the lead in your own life. Life now has a new meaning and you always knew this in your mind. Life is now calling you towards your purpose and also towards your renewal.

The breakdown and transformation had to occur for you to build yourself back up better and stronger. You had to take off the mask, along with everyone else’s, to see the true intentions behind it all; because life is meant to make you see who you truly are and what you will stand for in truth and with courage. We all stand for something in our lives, and we are all born with a purpose and a calling.

You chose to see, you chose to be more, you chose to wake up, and you chose to align yourself with the universe to beat to a higher frequency and vibration. You chose this and well, it chose you. Life will become normal again. Just this time and each time you transform it will only get easier, and you will embrace the people that surround you because once again you chose them and they chose you. You will finally be surrounded by unconditional love and positive, healthy emotional support that can never be broken. Those bonds last a lifetime.

As far as the masquerade goes, well the mask no longer holds any meaning or purpose in your life anymore. You can now see with clarity without confusion, and you also know that your time is more precious than having to always guess who is under the mask. You are now in control of your own life and destiny. You have now taken control of yourself, and you now know the true meaning of self love and real love behind the mask too.


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