11 Surprising Ways To Boost Your Energy, Naturally…

11 Surprising Ways To Boost Your Energy, Naturally

Give Yourself a Boost!

Life is not a straight road without any turns or crossroads.

On the contrary, in these modern days it is more similar to a rollercoaster.

We are constantly rushing to get things done, depriving ourselves of important things, such as sleep, rest and reenergizing.

Unfortunately, that kind of behavior can easily lead to energy levels in the red zone, increased stress and some severe mental and physical issues.

Taking “power naps” and repeatedly drinking one cup of coffee after another are not the solutions.

Instead, you should look for more natural ways to increase your energy levels and consequently deal with your daily challenges much better.

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Sleep Right

People usually think if they get their eight hours of sleep, they have basically done everything to accomplish a good night’s sleep.

The right sleeping positions also have their role. If you are sleeping in the wrong positions, you can experience stiffness in the neck, pain in the back and overall fatigue.

So, when you go to bed, make sure there are no empty spaces between you and the bed, because that would cause your body to settle in an unnatural position.

Also, your knees should not be joined, separate them with a pillow or a cover.

Take a Deep Breath

You would be surprised just how much you can benefit from simply breathing deeply.

In fact, many researchers have documented that a regular practice of deep breathing can reduce stress and anxiety, stabilize blood pressure, relax muscles and increase energy levels.

So, whenever you experience stressful thoughts, take a couple of deep breaths to create a sense of calm energy.

Practice Yoga

Yoga is not only the perfect stress reliever, but also a way to reconnect your mind and body and gain more energy.

You can start practicing even if you have no experience.

All that matters is that you are dedicated. Practicing in nature will only improve its effects.

The Power Is in Your Hands

Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient technique of “exercising” with your hands.

It is, basically, a kind of acupressure that applies pressure to fingers to increase energy and restore balance to the body.

In this practice, each finger matches an emotion and a group of organs in the body.

Reenergizing Touch

Whenever you can, treat yourself with a relaxing massage.

It can relax your muscles, improve circulation, reduce cramping, stimulate the flow of the lymph, increase joint flexibility and release endorphins.

You can even apply a self-massage to accomplish similar effects. Massage your hands, fingers, ears and feet to make those effects spread throughout your body.

Feed Your Body with Energy

Many spiritual retreats are teaching us that food is a great way to achieve balance and increase energy.

Some of the best energy boosters out there are spinach, avocado, sesame seeds, whole grains, nuts (especially almonds and hazelnuts), dark chocolate, cardamom, asparagus and salmon.

Drink Water

The next time you are feeling fatigued, you should drink a glass of water, because one of the most common causes of fatigue is dehydration.

Drink the optimal amount of water (at least 8 glasses) each day, and if you are engaging in some challenging physical activities, increase that number.

Connect with Nature

Many studies suggest that spending time in nature (if just for 20 minutes a day) can significantly boost your vitality levels.

So, when you feel sluggish and depressed, step outside of your concrete jungle and head to the nearest park or garden.

It will make you feel alive again and fuel your soul.

Watching Cat Videos

Though we might think of this as a guilty pleasure, it can be so much more.

According to a study done by Indiana University Media School, watching cat videos can result in enhancing your energy and encouraging positive thoughts.

Enjoy Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities with your family and friends can not only improve your social life, but also boost your vitality and improve your overall mental health.

Meeting your friends outside instead at the café and enjoying healthy activities can thus improve the very quality of your life.

A Smile a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Laughter can truly soothe tension and relieve stress. It stimulates your organs and enhances oxygen-rich air, thus causing your muscles to relax.

The long-term benefits include improved immunity and overall mood. So smile, the world is a beautiful place!

Use these tips to get energized and face the terrifyingly beautiful rollercoaster we call life.


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