Book Review: Journey of Souls…

Book Review: Journey of Souls

Journey of Souls: Book Review

Have You ever Wondered about Past Lives?

Reading Journey of Souls will suspend and amaze you.  If you’ve ever wondered if there was any truth to reincarnation, get back to us after you’ve read this book.

Those of you who do believe in reincarnation and have always been curious, Journey of Souls will take your mind to a place you weren’t even sure existed.

Dr. Michael Newton takes you through cases studies of individuals in a “superconscious” state that allows them to eloquently describe their distant memories before they came to their current life.

They also give insights into their previous lives, and what that meant to them karmically.

What makes this read even more fascinating, (as if we needed another reason not to put this book down) is that Dr. Newton himself started as a skeptic.

Through his groundbreaking technique he revealed a captivating world that is so innately familiar to us all, it’s hard to say it couldn’t be real.

This book is only 278 pages long, making it great for a weekend getaway read. You won’t be able to put this book down.

Opening line:

“Are you afraid of death? Do you wonder what’s going to happen after you die? Is it possible to have a spirit, which came from somewhere else and will return there after your body dies, or is this just wishful thinking because you are afraid?

Rave reviews:

“A must-read for anyone interested in afterlife experiences…highly recommended.”

–Dr. Hanz Holzer, author of Life Beyond

“This remarkable, fast-moving book uncovers some of the mysteries of life in the spirit world.”

–NAPRA Trade Journal

“Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls are tow of the most fascinating books I’ve ever read”

–Shirley MacLaine, actor and author

Read now at Sivana Spirit. Buy Journey of Souls.

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