3 Little-Known Ways To Have A Blissful Morning Ritual…

3 Little-Known Ways To Have A Blissful Morning Ritual

Morning Ritual

A few years ago I spent a weekend with one of my teachers, Sarah Powers. She said that her ‘practice’ is continuous. It’s not just a morning practice, or just an evening practice. She mentioned that even if she wakes up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, she’s still ‘practicing’.

She’s still tracking her sensations, feeling into her body, and on the constant lookout for what I like to call ‘light moments’… those moments when time and space no longer exist and I experience more serenity and peace than any dessert, drug or lover have ever even come close to giving me.

Since I have not been meditating for decades, sometimes I need guidelines and support.

I lose track of my rituals, and that’s okay. That’s why it’s called spiritual practice, not spiritual perfect.

In honor of this pursuit of ‘continuous practice’, I’m sharing 3 easy evening habits to support your morning rituals, bringing you ever closer to that spacious flow we all crave, even if we don’t know it yet.

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1) Prepare Your Space

Before going to bed, clear your meditative space, or any other spaces that may prevent you from being in your practice. You can set a timer for 5 minutes and beautify the room or the corner where you commune.

Make it welcoming, nourishing, and the type of space you just can’t refuse sinking into! Take a moment to think of the next day, and how you want to feel in the morning.

Make a slight change to your altar, or the room itself, to signify the shift you want to make.

For some this can be as simple as doing the dishes so that you don’t have to feel any pressure the next morning, or sweeping/vacuuming around your altar to clear any stagnant energy, making it even more welcoming!

2) Prepare Your Body

Take some time to do whatever you might need to do physically to prepare you for the morning. One of my favorite self-care practices is oil massage in the evening.

This calms my nerves and prepares me for a restful sleep.

I will also choose to wear something to bed that I’ll enjoy meditating in come the morning, and even go as far as to set a folded blanket near my meditation cushion (or a simple pillow), so I can easily slip into comfort without having to stress out about creating the ‘perfect conditions’ for meditation, or allowing excuses to get in the way.

If part of my morning practice is going for a run, I’ll set my running shoes right next to my bed so I’d have to actually step over them rather than putting them on right away.

If dreamwork is your current practice, make sure to have a pen and a journal ready for your sweet self!

3) Prepare Your Mind

We all have mental chatter, but if we’re lucky, and with practice, we can cultivate a spaciousness around the morning time that offers solace and refuge.

Consider writing even just a few words, sentences or paragraphs about your day to honor anything you may be holding onto. Let it go. Next, consider making a to-do list for the next day.

This frees your mind up from that tension and anxiety that comes from the left brain’s grasp on productivity and fear.

With these tips, you can remember upon retiring as well as just after rising, that everything is taken care of. There is nothing to worry about. There is always infinite time and space.


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