The Birth Story Of Krishna…

The Birth Story Of Krishna

You may have heard of the blue king, Krishna.

In India, he’s just as popular as Jesus Christ is in the west. That is to say, his image and likeness are portrayed everywhere.

The stories of Krishna’s life are an important part of India’s culture, and make up the backbone of their stories.


Because Krishna is considered to be a model for how to be in the world and act as an enlightened being.

A reincarnation of Vishnu, Krishna’s life-path was a warrior, king, and adviser to one of the most important battles in India’s history- Kurukshetra.

But why did Vishnu decide to incarnate and do all these things?

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The Story

The deity of earth, the mother of life, was overwhelmed with the sin done by evil rulers and appealed to Brahma for help.

Brahma, unable to adequately help her, appealed to Vishnu. Seeing the terrible suffering going on in the world, Vishnu decided that he must take care of it himself, and incarnate to battle injustice.

The personification of this evil was a king known as Kamsa. 

Kamsa loved to terrorize his subjects, often torturing and murdering innocent people.

But Kamsa had a soft spot- his sister, Devaki. Organizing and preparing her wedding to Vasudeva, Kamsa happily drove the couple to their new abode in his chariot.

But as the chariot was nearing the destination, a terrible storm began to brew. Suddenly, out of the sky, a great voice spoke to Kamsa:

“Why are you so happy, Kamsa? The 8th son of Devaki will kill you.”

Frightened, Kamsa immediately withdrew his sword to strike down his sister. But Vasudeva intervened:

“Please sir! Spare my bride! I promise I will hand over every child to you.”

Kamsa reluctantly decided to spare her, but imprisoned both of them.

The Birth

Devaki gave birth to 6 children- and Kamsa killed all of them.

Inconsolable, they wondered why they even continued to live, as she was again pregnant with a child.

But one night Vishnu came to them, and promised he would help them, protect them, and help the people in the kingdom.

Vishnu asked Vasudeva to carry the newborn to another house and swap the baby for another one just born to Yashoda and Nanda.

Then the vision ended.

At midnight, Vasudeva began to walk through the prison with his child- uninterrupted- and escaped. It seemed all the locks weren’t working!

Crossing a stormy river and much terrain, he made it to the cowherd’s house and swapped out the children.

Making it back to the prison, he got back into his cell with the other child, patiently awaiting the horrible act to follow.


When Kamsa heard that Devaki had given birth again, he rushed down to the prison and grabbed the baby, taking it outside.

He was just about to kill the baby when suddenly it skipped from his hands and turned into Yogamaya, the goddess of illusion.

She warned him:

“Why do you slay such innocent children, Kamsa? Your destroyer was born at midnight and is somewhere else. When the time comes, he will seek you out.”

She then disappeared.

Kamsa trembled in fear, and stayed heavily guarded until Krishna was old enough to seek him out.

And when that day came, Krishna slayed him and reinstated a just king and freed his parents.


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