Beyond Surviving With Breast Cancer…

Beyond Surviving With Breast Cancer

As one of the millions of women who have experienced breast cancer, life for me is a gift every day. Cancer is more than a diagnosis or treatment; it’s a healing opportunity. Our heart energy is located in the front of our chest, sittings slightly behind and to the left of our breastbone. And so stress, illness, emotional upset, or conflict can cause blockages or imbalances in our heart energy. When we unblock the heart’s energy, we feel gratitude, love, and forgiveness. Our focus is not solely on treatment but also healing. Cancer forced me to undergo what is equivalent to emotional surgery, where I found the psycho-emotional glue sustaining my dis-ease in the heart. From there, the message of self-care was evident as I faced four, four-millimeter scattered cancer cells in my breast over twenty years ago.

And so, as breast awareness month, October is more than a reminder, but a reality in my life. I believe every moment should be about taking care of ourselves. Because self-care is a daily practice in healing. Taking care of ourselves entails becoming mindful of what we eat and drink, moving away from toxic environments and people to peaceful ones, resetting our minds, and taking responsibility not merely to survive but live a joyful life. Self-care also encourages us to counter years of self-neglect through meditation to increase our alpha or relaxation waves in the brain. No better way to heal than self-care. Celebrate life with a mindbodyspirit practice-experience Ase yoga#whereverybreathcounts.


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