Best Yoga Styles For Students…

Best Yoga Styles For Students

Yoga is a diverse branch which has innumerable practices focusing on different areas of the human body. The end purpose of yoga is communion with the self. Getting the body in shape and balancing of the elements are prerequisites for attaining salvation. So one may begin with a different purpose but is unknowingly prepared for the main motive.

Now there are several ways in which the realization may happen. There are several paths available for the same destination. Depending on ones comfort and ease, one may choose either of them that would suit him/her the best. You may choose a path where knowledge is prime or one where dedication is. You may opt for manipulation of breathing to achieve salvation or selfless work to do so. Hence, one may choose a route in sync with his ideologies and attain higher consciousness.

Given below are some of the best yoga styles for students to boost their intellectual activities:

Karma yoga

The word karma means work or action. Hence karma yoga seeks to bring about a change in the mental state of an individual by devotion to work. The idea is to get rid of the very purpose for which the majority of humans strive to work. It looks to eradicate the attachment to fruits of effort put in.

A human being should do work selflessly without expecting praise or recognition. They need to be completely devoted to work. It is easier said than done as there is a strong sense of ego and recognition in the beginning. However, with time, a change in the mental attitude is experienced and stability of mind is achieved.

At this stage, work is synonymous to the worship of God and the individual becomes skilled and an expert in his area.

Swara Yoga

Swara means sound or notes. Hence the swara yoga aims at the realization of the self by controlling and manipulating breathing. It looks at the realization of consciousness through the nonstop flow of air.

Swara yoga is a detailed study of observation, control, and manipulation of breath. Here breath is associated to sun, moon, seasons, as well as physical and mental conditions. Hence we get a very comprehensive study which can be effectively used for union with the self at the highest level.

Jnana Yoga

Jnana or knowledge is the branch of yoga that emphasizes on knowledge. This knowledge ultimately leads to self-realization. The word jnana itself means knowledge.

Jnana yoga provides literature on discovering the dharma of human beings with respect to nature and the universe. A practitioner who has attained success in jnana yoga would ultimately be in the highest meditative state.


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