Best Yoga Retreats Of India For The Ultimate Spiritual Experience…

Best Yoga Retreats Of India For The Ultimate Spiritual Experience

Yoga defines the true soul of India and has been nurtured in the country since its birth. Every season, travelers from across the globe come to India to immerse in the spirit of yoga, to destress and rejuvenate their mind, body, and spirit, while some travel to the country to gain in-depth knowledge of the science that they can take home and spread across the globe.

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Yoga Retreat: An Introduction

Imagine a place where you can rest, practice yoga, eat the healthiest food, self-reflect, indulge in a spa, and be in your own space amid exceptional natural beauty – well that is the definition of a yoga retreat in India.

Best Yoga Retreats in India for the Ultimate Spiritual Experience

The Bihar School of Yoga

At Bihar School of Yoga, Yoga is more of a lifestyle where the yoga sutras hold more significance than mere asanas practices. The place is known for offering the best yoga retreat in India and is also ideal for serious yoga learning. A regular day here begins as early as 4 am and concludes with the twilight at 6 pm. The days here are full of yogic practices, chanting sessions, kirtans, meditation sessions, and more. This is the place where you can seriously explore Raja Yoga, Hatha Yoga, and even Karma Yoga taught under the guiding principles of the ashram’s founder and eminent yoga guru Swami Satyananda Saraswati.

  • Where is it located at? Munger, Bihar
  • Distance from Airport: 5 km from the Gaya Airport
  • When is the best time to visit? Throughout the year except for during summer, i.e., May-July
  • What is the course duration? Four-month course, preferably starting in October
  • What is the Approximate cost? INR 95,721 per person.
  • Additional Facilities: Accommodation and meals.

The Kaivalyadhama Ashram, Mumbai-Pune

Spread over 180 acres of land, this ashram is more of a quaint hill station that has been designed as a research center for yogic studies. Located in Lonavala, somewhere between Mumbai and Pune, this ashram offers some of the best yoga retreats and yoga TTC in India with its authentic practices and methodology of yogic studies. The ashram was inaugurated in 1924 and has been a place where yogis can spend a long time without feeling the need to leave at all while they can continue to upgrade themselves by doing different programs, all under the umbrella of this fine ashram. This is a place where aspiring yogis and advanced-level yogis can attain accredited diplomas and degrees as well. The place also has Ayurveda and Naturopathy at its healing center.

  • Where is it located? Lonavala, Maharashtra
  • What is the distance from the airport? 0 km from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai
  • Operating Hours: Throughout the year.
  • When is the best time to visit? Throughout the year
  • What is the course duration? Year-long diploma in therapy
  • Approximate Cost: INR 3,39,356 for the course, INR 3,349 a week for naturopathy, INR 9,171 a week for Ayurvedic, INR 5,343 a week for a shared room and INR 33,895 a week for a cottage.
  • Additional Facilities: Accommodation and meals.

The Amrutham Gamaya, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

A blissful yoga retreat in Kerala, the Ayurveda capital of India. Welcome yourself to a mind-blowing experience here. This place is set amidst lush greenery and complete serenity. People come here to destress, meditate, and journey into the practices of yoga while treating themselves to some self-love and ‘me’ time. Ideal place for one of the best yoga retreats in India, the Amrutham Gamya resort and ashram is located about 3km away from Kovalam Airport. This is a place where you get yoga sessions from two in-house

Yoga Gurus, along with authentic Ayurvedic treatments to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Soothe your senses and calm your body and mind as you breathe in the freshest air, bust all the stress and let yourself fall into the healing lap of nature completely.

Yoga Vidya School

Travel to the lap of the Himalayas into the embrace of the yoga capital of the globe, Rishikesh. Situated at the foothills of the Himalayas, a yoga retreat in Rishikesh is a magical experience. Visit an ashram or schools like Yoga Vidya School for a yoga teacher training program if you can manage up to 4 weeks or a yoga retreat to your liking. The schools is Yoga Alliance recognized and has the curriculum of a traditional yoga program.

  • Nearest Airport: Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun
  • Nearest Bus Stop: Jsbt Rishikesh

The Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre

Hidden away just above the Mcleodganj town, there is a beautiful village Dharamkot where the Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre is located. Founded by Sharat Arora, a student of yoga guru BKS Iyengar, this place is known for offering the most magical yoga retreats in India and possibly the globe. Here, you can enrol in a yoga teacher training program as well if you are particularly keen to pursue styles like Vipassana Yoga, Ayurveda Yoga, Iyengar Yoga etc. Stay amid the grandeur of the Himalayas, lush greenery decked with oak trees and pine forests.

  • Where is it located? Dharamkot, Himachal Pradesh
  • What is the distance from the airport? 3 km from Kangra Airport, Gaggal.
  • Operating Hours: February-October
  • What is the best time to visit? November-February
  • What is the course duration? Year-long Courses.
  • What is the Approximate Cost: The five-day course usually starts at INR 3349.
  • Additional Facilities: Accommodation and meals


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