Best Probiotics for Women That Even Your Dietician Would Approve…

Best Probiotics for Women That Even Your Dietician Would Approve

The body is full of bacteria and it’s always a delicate dance between good bacteria and bad bacteria. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria – they are considered to be healthy and benign bacteria that help our bodies to function in a thousand splendid ways. Probiotics give your health a fabulous boost – working on everything from good gut health to vaginal health and upping your immunity. Life can be stressful on the body and from taking antibiotics to travel and time changes messing with your digestion, being busy, and an unbalanced diet now and then – all this can lead to dodgy gut health and your inner flora being disrupted. In turn, this has a knock-on effect on your whole health and well-being, but a good routine of probiotics can help put that right. The shelves are stuffed full of probiotics and we take a look at which are the best names and brands in the business for women wanting to up their health.

Description / Product Image Product Name / Price / Primary Button
Best overall probiotic
  • one a day, 16 strains, immune system support

Best once-daily probiotic
  • one a day, specifically designed for women, allergen free

Best probiotic for digestive health
  • 18 strains, microflora balancing, added cranberry

Best for vaginal care
  • one daily, 38 strains, yeast digesting enzyme

Best probiotic for immune health
  • shelf stable, immune supportive, NSF certified

Best vegan-friendly probiotic
  • 14 probiotics, one a day, certified B corp

Best probiotic gummies
  • chewable, prebiotic, friendly fiber

Best for easing bloating
  • no refrigeration, survives stomach acid, one a day

Best for urinary tract health
  • Balances PH, 8 strains, no refrigeration

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Our Favorite Probiotics for Women

There are many different brands of probiotics out there. We have balanced cost, health benefits, ease, and third-party testing to help you find the very best options for boosting your own gut health and improving vaginal flora.

Garden of Life Dr Formulated Probiotics for Women

From helping your immune system thrive to getting good gut health and complete vaginal wellness, the Garden of Life Dr Formulated Probiotics for Women are a wonder. One single capsule a day is all it takes to get your body feeling good and your energy levels on the up. From less bloating to regularity in the bathroom, there’s a lot of love in this bottle. This particular brand boasts 16 different probiotic strains and a strain of prebiotic fiber too. It can be kept on the shelf meaning you don’t need to worry about cold storage and holds 50 billion colony-forming units. As an added bonus, these probiotics are also vegetarian-friendly, gluten-free, dairy-free, and GMO-free too.

Culturelle Women’s Healthy Balance

For those seeking a budget-friendly balanced probiotic, Culturelle Women’s Healthy Balance is a pocket-happy option. Ten billion colony-forming units are stashed inside these daily pills and there’s also 200 mg of prebiotic fiber for an added boost and a healthy gut. Free from contamination and free from yeast, dairy, wheat, lactose, and gluten, you can keep your gut super clean with this choice. The presence of lactobacillus rhamnosus can help with everything from allergic reactions to skin conditions, abdominal pains and issues, and sorting out diarrhea. As one of the more cost-effective choices on the market, Culturelle doesn’t let you down.

Viva Naturals Probiotics for Women

The Viva Naturals Probiotics for Women packs a punch with 20 strains of probiotics in each and every dose. One of the big players in this probiotic capsule is the presence of lactobacillus casei which helps with digestive inflammation and soothes diarrhea. It also has other probiotic strains which are well-known for helping with IBS and other digestive and intestinal ailments. Viva also comes with cranberry concentrate which is not only good for gut health but may also help prevent UTIs and bacterial buildup. With a CFU count of 50 billion and being able to stay out of the fridge, not to mention being gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians, Viva Naturals is a vibrant choice. It also contains some prebiotics so for those who are sensitive to prebiotics, this should be taken into account also.

Garden of Life Raw Probiotics Vaginal Care

Loaded with 85 billion live cultures, 31 different probiotic strains, and a wealth of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and more – the Garden of Life Raw Probiotics is here to get you back in balance. For those who suffer from thrush and other infections, these supplements are here to balance you out. Every day you take one easy-to-swallow capsule to boost your urinary tract health and keep your flora fabulously in check. The fact that these pills are gluten-free, soy free, and without any kind of fillers or synthetics also makes them an attractive option. Created with Bulgarian yogurt, wild kefir grains, and scobies, the raw element of these supplements means that everything is exactly as nature intended.

Klean Athlete Klean Probiotic

With 8 different strains of probiotics and a blend of prebiotics, Klean Athlete is all about reducing inflammation and getting your digestive health in order. The presence of 15 billion colony-forming units helps stack up the stomach-saving properties of this probiotic. The Klean Athlete Klean Probiotic is also good for those who participate in sports as this product has been NSF certified meaning that it has nothing in there that is banned in the world of professional athletes. Being shelf stable also means not having to worry about a refrigerator making it a great product for when on the move.

Innate Response Flora 20-14 Capsules

Innate Response Flora 20-14 serves up 14 different probiotic strains and 20 billion colony-forming units to keep your health flowing. This formula has also been tested extensively to make sure that there are no microbiome-disrupting herbicides and pesticides in there. They are also glyphosate residue free which has been known to have a negative impact on hormones so this also gives them another leading point. Being vegan-friendly, GMO-free, and without gluten also adds to the benefits of these capsules. One drawback for those consumers could be the fact that these do need to be kept in the fridge.

OLLY Probiotic + Prebiotic

OLLY Probiotic + Prebiotic Gummy, Digestive Support and Gut Health, 500 Million CFUs, Fiber, Adult Chewable Supplement for Men and Women, Peach, 30 Day Supply - 30 Count
$14.99 $12.88 ($0.43 / Count)
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The Olly Probiotic and Prebiotic gummies are great for those who prefer to take their probiotics in this way. While you may expect gummies to be packed with sugar, these tiny delights have nothing artificial in there – because after all, they are geared towards good gut health. With a billion colony-forming units and 1.5 grams of prebiotics blended into every gummy, you can chew on two of these gorgeous gummies a day to boost your gut health. While these are a great option for those wanting to swerve pills or capsules, the Olly option does contain fewer live cultures than some other brands.

Culturelle Digestive Daily Probiotic Capsules

Culturelle Daily Probiotic Capsules, Probiotic For Men and Women, Most Clinically Studied Probiotic Strain, Proven to Support Digestive and Immune Health, 30 Count
$13.47 ($0.45 / Count)
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Boasting 10 billion CFUs and the star of the show – Lactobacillus rhamnosus, these Culturelle Digestive Daily Probiotic Capsules are a solid option for those wanting their daily dose of friendly bacteria to balance out their body. With only one capsule a day needed and no requirement for refrigeration, these probiotics are an easy everyday solution that has been proven to have a positive effect on gastro issues. You can expect reduced gas, bloating, and less diarrhea as these naturally sourced lgg capsules get to work. Being gluten, dairy, and soya-free also helps cement these tablets as a suitable choice for those with sensitivities or any allergies.

Love Wellness Good Girl Probiotics

8 different bacteria strains and one billion CFU can be found stashed in the Love Wellness Good Girl Probiotics. A daily dose of 2 capsules helps maintain healthy PH levels for your vagina and also supports the microbiome of women’s health. The Love Wellness pills also have a positive impact on good gut health and come free from preservatives that can cause inflammation along with being gluten and dairy free to keep your gut health gorgeous. Another great thing about the Love Wellness Good Girl Probiotics is the fact that you don’t need to keep them stashed in the fridge and that you can count on them for helping keep urinary tract infections at bay.

Jarrow Formulas Jarro-Dophilus for Women

With 5 billion CPUs in every serving, the Jarrow Formulas Jarro-Dophilus for Women weaves together some of the best probiotic strains for women into its one-a-day capsule. This little pill has a lot going for it including being clinically proven to help urinary tract health. if you want to invest in dietary supplements that complement immune function, keep your digestive tract going strong, and come with a high-quality impact on all health issues, these happy pills from Jarrow Formulas can be just the right probiotic blend.

Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotic

Renew Life Adult Probiotic - Ultimate Flora Extra Care Go-Pack Probiotic Supplement - Gluten, Dairy & Soy Free - 50 Billion CFU - 30 Vegetarian Capsules
$37.99 $34.28 ($1.14 / Count)
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Boasting ten different probiotic strains and over 50 billion live cultures, the Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotic is an easy and affordable way to get your gut health thriving. A single daily capsule puts you on the path to better digestive health, covering everything from cutting down on gas and bloating to other gut issues that can get you down. Another great reason to choose the ultimate flora probiotic is the fact that it doesn’t need to be kept in the fridge so it’s perfect for those who want their probiotics on the go. These capsules also have the edge as they have a delayed release action so they can survive stomach acid.

Garden of Life 5-Day Max Care Probiotic

Potent and powerful, the Garden of Life 5-Day Max Care Probiotic ticks a lot of boxes. The daily serving of 2 tablets will deliver 400 billion colony-forming units from 34 different probiotic strains. It also boasts 100 milligrams of digestive enzymes not to mention a boost of prebiotics coming from banana powder and artichoke which will also up your fiber intake. Because it’s a solution you can also chuck it into a smoothie and get your probiotic boost that way. Organic and with non-GMO status, you can get all you need from this Garden of Life 5-Day Max Care Probiotic although you may have to keep topping up as each purchase only contains 5 servings.

Happy V Prebiotic + Probiotic

The Happy V Prebiotic and Probiotic is a good choice for those who want a blend of both pre and pro options to keep them in the fullest flush of health. Happy V is designed to promote top vaginal health by fending off UTIs, yeast infections, and bacteria that can build up and have a negative impact on your health. It also helps to balance your vaginal PH levels so that everything stays fresh and healthy down there. Along with sorting out your vaginal health, Happy V also is good for gut health. Known for eliminating bad bacteria and for helping the gut feel good and free from bloating, these supplements are full of savvy benefits. Take 2 daily tablets each with 20 billion cultures and get balanced. Happy V may be considered a little more expensive than other brands.

What are Probiotics?

Before you choose the right probiotic, it helps to know exactly what probiotics are and what they do for you. Probiotics are made up of live bacteria and yeast. As mentioned, the body is brimming with bacteria and yeasts (up to 300 trillion bacteria live inside the body) and some are good for you and some are not so good for you. Probiotics are good bacteria that can help harmonize your gut health. They work by balancing your internal flora so that good bacteria are present and not getting overrun by bad bacteria. They can also be really useful during times when the body is stripped of its good bacteria (for example this can happen when you take antibiotics) and you need to replace them. You can get probiotics naturally in certain kinds of food, but you can also take probiotic supplements to keep yourself topped up. The most common kinds of probiotics that you will hear about are lactobacillus and bifidobacteria.

While kicking out harmful bacteria and building up your good bacteria can easily be done with types of probiotics and supplements, there are also foodie ways in which you can boost your live microorganisms and keep gut bacteria and vaginal infections at bay. Here are a few probiotic-rich foods that can help…

Sauerkraut – Fermented cabbage is full of natural goodness that helps your gut microbiota stay balanced.

Yogurt – Yogurt is one of the most famous foods for being rich in healthcare benefits when it comes to your microflora. Make sure that you look for yogurt that has live cultures and check for all the good stuff like lactobacillus rhamnosus gg, bifidobacterium lactis, and all those other titles that nutritionists love.

Kombucha – A fabulous fermented tea that is packed with enough synbiotic bacteria and B vitamins to rival the best probiotic supplements out there, Kombucha may be an acquired taste but it is one of the top picks when it comes to natural ways of introducing different types of bacteria (in a good way) to your body.

Kimchi – Another fermented cabbage dish, this time with a touch of spice and a glorious punchy flavor, kimchi is also full of beneficial lactic acid.

Kefir – If you want a yogurt alternative, Kefir is a tart Icelandic-style drink that brings a boost of good bacteria and plenty of protein to your diet.

Miso – This fermented soybean base is another great way of boosting digestive health and staying balanced inside and out. The starter culture is full of good stuff that matches rival supplements.

Apple Cider Vinegar – Arguably one of the best all-round natural health boosts you can take, apple cider vinegar not only has probiotics in it but it is also known to be good for your immune system and is a savvy way of encouraging good skin health, aids digestion, helps with weight loss, and even improves blood sugar levels.

Why should you take Probiotics?

There are so many great reasons to take probiotics, especially for those who are interested in getting their gut flora in gorgeous health. Your gut microbiome is incredibly important – so much so that scientists even refer to your gut flora as the forgotten organ. Gut flora works hard and is always busy with everything from manufacturing vitamins to stimulating your immune system and keeping your digestive train running smoothly. As probiotics have a direct impact on your gut flora, the reasoning behind wanting to achieve good gut health and wanting to keep your probiotic intake on a high are perfectly aligned. Here are some awesome reasons for choosing to take probiotics.

Balance your digestive system – probiotics can help your entire digestive system. Bad digestion can lead to issues with your inner flora which can have a knock-on effect on everything from mental health to obesity, inflammation, and more.

Treat IBS and diarrhea – for those who struggle with a regular routine or who have flare-ups of IBS or diarrhea and other stomach issues, probiotics can help to balance out your system and can reduce diarrhea both in the long and short run. They can help reduce the chance of travelers’ diarrhea and can reduce the time span that the body has to deal with infectious diarrhea too.

Help mental health – there is starting to be a recognizable correspondence between good gut health and good mental health. Taking probiotics for a couple of months has been shown to have a positive impact on issues like anxiety, depression, memory, and even OCD.

Lower cholesterol – probiotics can help with heart health and can keep your ticker strong thanks to their ability to lower ‘bad’ cholesterol and blood pressure. It also helps reduce cholesterol by breaking down bile in the gut.

Boost immunity – probiotics can also help to boost overall health and immunity. As probiotics encourage friendly bacteria and friendly bacteria can help the body to naturally produce antibodies and immune-boosting cells, you can have a direct positive impact on your overall health and wellbeing.

Get more energy – probiotics and good gut health affects your overall well-being and can help you to feel less sluggish. As probiotics help your body extract nutrients and minerals out of the food you eat, not a single morsel goes to waste which in turn boosts your energy levels.

Choose the Right Probiotic.

There are many different reasons why someone would choose to take probiotics and many different kinds of probiotics are designed for different uses out there. Knowing which kind of probiotics you need, having specific information like the CFU and how to store them and being able to balance quality and price are all incredibly useful elements when choosing the right probiotic. Here are some areas you may want to consider when selecting the right probiotic for you.


Taking probiotics isn’t just connected to helping your digestive system thrive, they can also be used for a range of health-related issues – everything from boosting your immune system to helping with UTIs and vaginal issues, and even assisting with reproductive problems and building up good gut health before traveling. Picking the right probiotic may depend on your personal needs and why you want to take the probiotic in the first place.


The CFU number is also important when considering a probiotic and the best kind to buy. As an average rule, the higher the CFU number the better you may consider your probiotic to be. This isn’t a hard and fast rule as it really depends on the strains – as some strains work on a lower dose than others. Most good quality supplements will have a higher level of CFU with many offering between 1-10 billion per serving.

Storage needs

Storage is another element you need to consider before choosing which kind of probiotics you want. Some certain probiotics need to be kept cold in the fridge because the bacterial strains can be sensitive to heat. This can be tricky if you want to take your probiotics on the go or if you don’t have adequate cold storage. Fortunately, there are many kinds of probiotics now that can be simply kept on the shelf or at room temperature.


When buying any kind of health product or supplement, it is always a good idea to check for quality control from third-party testing sites. Of course, the seller or producer of the probiotic will have conducted their own testing but as they want to sell the product, they will take a more favorable biased approach when it comes to sharing their findings. Having an unbias third party or an independent lab testing the quality of the product can provide balanced peace of mind.


Price is another important factor to consider when choosing which probiotics are going to contribute to your life. As probiotics are designed for long-term health, you may want to select an affordable option that can become your go-to supplement. You can take probiotics on a more casual basis – for example, if you have finished a curse of antibiotics or are prepping for travel and want to encourage good gut health to help put your body back in good stead. The price of probiotics will vary so you can certainly find more affordable options. The aim should be to balance price with quality.


What probiotics Do most doctors recommend?

There are many great probiotic choices on the market. A doctor may recommend that you look for a brand that has the strains Lactobacillus rhamnosus and a brand that also contains 1 billion colony-forming units at a minimum.

Should a woman take a probiotic daily?

For optimal health, women can choose to take a probiotic daily. Taking a probiotic daily is not only safe but is also recommended. When you take a probiotic on a daily basis you can help to balance your gut flora, reduce bloating, and you can also maintain the optimal PH balance for your vagina.

What probiotic is best for weight loss?

Probiotics with  Lactobacillus gasseri are believed to be one of the most effective for helping with weight loss, and belly fat, and helping to reduce bloating and other issues which can lead to gastro discomfort.

What are the side effects of probiotics?

Probiotics are considered to be very safe for people and the side effects are mild and temporary if any. For those who may be sensitive to probiotics, you may find that you feel bloated, constipated, or thirsty for a short amount of time although these issues should clear up within a few days or at worst a few weeks of taking the supplement.


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