Best Lotion For Crepey Skin On Arms And Legs: All You Need To Know…

Best Lotion For Crepey Skin On Arms And Legs: All You Need To Know

Thin skin is more than just an attitude it can also be a physical issue that comes with aging or certain lifestyle choices and reasons. You may notice it showing up around the eyes, on the hands, and in the upper arms but it can show up across the body. Crepey skin takes its name as it can look crepe paper-thin, fragile, and flacid with a little more looseness than you once had. Here we take a look at the ins and outs of crepey skin and consider how we can prevent it, how we can protect our skin, and which are the best lotions for crepey skin on arms and legs (and elsewhere on the body too).

What is crepey skin?

A natural part of becoming older is our skin loses some of its moisture and elasticity. It produces less collagen and becomes more susceptible to environmental damage, stress, and exposure to the sun. While repeated muscle use can cause fine lines and wrinkles, crepey skin can be traced back to the skin fibers being broken down. Crepey skin can look thin, loose, delicate, and like tissue paper.

Crepey skin causes

There are many contributing factors to the cause of crepey skin – age, environment, skin changes, and more. Age is a big contributing factor to crepey skin as over time we naturally produce less moisture. The oils that our skin produces help our lipid barrier which protects the skin and locks in moisture. As this weakens our skin can become drier which affects the skin texture and overall look. These factors can also be brought on by hormonal changes too along with weight loss which can lead to saggy skin.

The sun is also one of the most common contributing factors to crepey skin. Sun exposure can break down collagen and elastin in the skin (which is what helps keep our skin tight and supple). The UV light in sun can break down these fibers which causes a stretch in the skin.

Lack of moisture will also lead to skin being drier and more fragile as will lifestyle choices like smoking, living in polluted places, and if you have lost an amount of weight.

Preventing crepey skin

Preventing crepey skin is possible but takes a little TLC. Keeping out the sunshine, encouraging moisture, having a healthy diet, and using specially formulated products are a few ways in which you can encourage your skin to stay supple and well cared for. Here are a few ways in which you can keep your skin safe from the possibility of crepey skin.

Stay safe in the sun

As sun damage is one of the most common contributing factors when it comes to crepey skin, you should be sure to stay safe and limit exposure. Keeping sun exposure on the down-low is always important for your health anyway so always avoid being out in the direct sun too long, use plenty of sunscreen with plenty of SPF, and cover up whenever possible.

Stay moisturized

Moisturizing your skin is another essential element of keeping your skin fresh and hydrated as much as possible. There are all kinds of natural options for introducing more moisture to your skin – from organic coconut oil to glistening golden olive oil, and hydrating moisturizing products. Exfoliation will also help your skin as it sloughs away the dead cells so fresh skin can enjoy drinking down all that new moisture. Look for products rich in hyaluronic acid as this is your best weapon in the fight against dryness and moisture loss. Along with topical skincare choices, you can also keep yourself boosted from the inside out with collagen supplements.

Lifestyle choices

If you smoke, it could be an idea to stop if you want to avoid the fallout of crepey skin. Smoking adds to moisture loss and can prematurely age our skin. Poor sleep, a poor diet, high stress, and environmental factors all have an impact on skin moisture levels and the appearance of crepey skin too. Make sure you get plenty of vitamin C in your diet and plenty of sleep.

How do I get rid of crepey skin on my arms and legs naturally?

While prevention is always better than the cure, sometimes life happens and you may find that you are in a position where you want to get rid of the crepey skin that already exists. There are a few options available including a solid skincare plan that makes the most of exfoliating and moisturizing with specialized beauty products with carefully chosen active ingredients or more invasive options like laser treatments.

Laser treatment

Laser treatment for targeting crepey skin is all about heating up small areas beneath the skin to encourage collagen. New collagen is an important factor in helping your skin to balance, be supported, and iron out the wrinkles and folds from the inside out.


Another method for getting rid of crepey skin is to choose an ultrasound treatment. This works in a similar vein to the laser treatment by heating the areas beneath your skin to create an intense heat that breaks down the cells and therefore encourages new collagen growth.


Fillers are another way in which certain agents are pumped into the skin to stimulate collagen growth.

Special lotions

For those who prefer less invasive methods, you can also opt for over-the-counter solutions when it comes to bringing back moisture and plumpness to your skin. When dealing with crepey skin, not just any moisturizer will do – you need to find products that have specific ingredients that will effectively target the issues at hand.

What to look for in a crepey skin lotion

  • Hyaluronic acid – hyaluronic acid is one of the most hydrating ingredients you can get. Loaded with moisture magic, this acts as a cushion for your tissues.
  • Ammonium lactate – this ingredient also encourages skin hydration and is an ingredient commonly used for dry redness.
  • Retinoids – retinoids encourage collagen production and help the production of new blood vessels which can even out skin tone and color.
  • Peptides – Peptides are great at encouraging your skin to make new collagen as they effectively send a message to your skin that there is damage present which then jumpstarts collagen production into action.
  • Glycolic acid – glycolic acid boosts collagen production, acts as a natural exfoliator, and speeds up cell turnover.
  • Antioxidant-rich oils – antioxidants can help protect the skin from free radicals.
  • Alpha/Beta Hydroxy Acids – these acids help combat the signs of aging and help improve texture.
  • What is the best lotion for crepey skin on arms and legs?

There are many great products out there specially designed to help with crepey skin issues but the one we think deserves the gold star as being the best body lotion for crepey skin is Perricone MD Cold Plasma Plus+ Fragile Skin Therapy.  With its multi-tasking magic, this lotion can be used across the body to help strengthen the skin. High in all the right ingredients and with plenty of hydration, this formula sinks into the skin well and helps those delicate and fragile areas feel fuller, stronger, and firmer.

16 Best Lotions for Crepey Skin

Medix 5.5 Retinol Cream with Ferulic Acid

Soaked in vitamin A, this retinol-rich formula can boost the strength of your skin barrier, improve elasticity, and reduce the visible imprint of fine lines and wrinkles. The presence of Ferulic Acid is also here to help the skin heal from any sun damage and for an added boost there are plenty of skin-friendly ingredients like calming chamomile, soft shea butter, bright apple, and rosemary to feed your skin all the love and moisture it needs. Vegans will also love that this product is not tested on animals. The lotion is also free from parabens, alcohol, dyes, mineral oils, and anything harmful although some do say it has a strange fragrance.

Advanced Clinicals Hyaluronic Acid Cream

Say farewell to water loss from the skin with this winter weight-friendly Advanced Clinicals Hyaluronic Acid Cream. Stuffed with borage oil, vitamin E, and squalene, you will love this potent mixture that provides all the nourishment you need. Crepey skin can be a side effect of skin that is too dry which is why you want a moisture-rich formula that brings hyaluronic acid and a whole range of natural ingredients together to fight that. Being cruelty-free, paraben-free, and with a light and delicate scent and a non-sticky feel to it, this cream invites you to lather it on your whole body for a smoother texture. Be sure to rub it in well as the thick consistency can leave a slight residue.

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Pink Dream Body Cream

Watermelon seed butter is the lesser-known ingredient in this glorious Glow recipe. Crafted from ground watermelon seeds into a rich and creamy butter, it brings with it all the benefits of being an antioxidant-rich formula. A traditional Korean background amps up the soft skincare pleasures with hibiscus AHA’s and lots of hyaluronic acids. The result is a dreamy body cream in pretty pink color with a delicious scent that soaks into the body beautifully.

Alpha Skin Care Renewal Body Lotion

Alpha Skin Care Renewal Body Lotion Anti-Aging Formula for All Skin Types - Reduces the Appearance of Lines & Wrinkles white 12 Ounce (Pack of 1)
$16.99 ($1.42 / Fl Oz)
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09/11/2023 09:23 am GMT

With an optimal balance of 12% Glycolic AHA, the Alpha Skin Care Renewal Body Lotion boasts a gentle exfoliating process that sloughs away dead cells and encourages healthy cell turnover. Loaded with vitamins and much-needed skin nutrients, not to mention having plenty of alpha hydroxy acid and a well-balanced PH level of 4.0, you can fully expect this oil to lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Insta Natural Crepe Skin Firming Cream

Insta Natural Crepe Skin Firming Cream
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Glycolic acid is one of the stars of the show in Insta Natural Crepe Skin Firming Cream. With natural exfoliating properties, this cream gets rid of dead skin cells and encourages quick cell turnover. The addition of caffeine to the ingredients list also brings its own bright burst of energy – helping to reduce puffiness and improving blood circulation. There’s also plenty of collagen, shea butter, and hyaluronic acid in the mix to help smooth, soften, and plump skin. Cruelty-free and without mineral oils, parabens, and any preservatives – you can feel good about what you are putting on your skin. This firming cream can be thick so for those who prefer a lighter cream you may want to take that factor into consideration.

Crepe Erase Intensive Body Repair Treatment

Advanced Body Repair Cream for Crepey Skin | Crepe Erase
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Bright botanicals, creamy and moisture-rich coconut oil, grapeseed oils, and yummy coconut butter all blend together in the Crepe Erase Intensive Body Repair Treatment. With its TruFirm complex and gentle remedy to be super soft on the skin, you can use this to diminish wrinkles and fine lines and brings a loving radiance to the skin. Because of its gentle nature and is free from parabens, phthalates, and cruelty-free – it’s also great for all skin types to use. Because of the ingredients, this skin treatment can have a slightly tacky feel.

IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Neck Cream

For those who have specific issues with their neck and crepey skin, this IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Neck Cream lotion could be your saving grace. Whipped into a super soft and quick-absorbing moisturizer you can expect the heady mix of ceramides, fucoidan seaweed extract, and tri-structural complex properties to revitalize your look. With an emphasis on smoothing horizontal neck lines and boosting elastin and collagen, you can enjoy tighter, younger-looking skin with prolonged use of this cream.

Bloom Collagen Firming Cream

Slather bloom all over the body and let this clever anti-aging formula get to work. Fattened out with aloe vera, Bloom Collagen Firming Cream is super quenching making it a great choice for dry and crepey skin. There’s also green tea extract in there for added soothing and inflammatory reduction. A soft scent, being paraben-free, and not being tested on animals also all work in its favor. It can be used as a facial moisturizer or across the body as it is known for helping with cellulite and stretch marks too. Bloom can be thick and luscious which while it does have a luxury edge, can also take a while to absorb so leave plenty of time post-application.

Reshape Crepey Skin Treatment Cream

Aquaspheres, hyaluronic acid, and even a boost of borage oil all add to the magic and melody of Reshape Crepey Skin Treatment Cream. Here to deliver a bright burst of moisture, to reduce inflammation and help even out redness and dryness, Reshape can breathe new life back into tired feeling skin. The collagen helps to plump and improve elasticity all while the borage oil and hyaluronic acid bring moisture, moisture, and more moisture. Rosemary oil, shea butter, and aloe also help with skin-softening, lifting, and soothing. Reshape is not tested on animals. The consistency of the cream can feel a little oily.

TreeActive Crepey Skin Repair Treatment

Brimming with natural ingredients like honey, fruit AHAs, and shea butter – the TreeActive Crepey Skin Repair Treatment effectively lifts and tones the skin. Glorious glycolic acid reduces wrinkles, pores, and fine lines for a more even finish and having all that you need to give your skin a major dose of moisture, this formula is pure feel-good food. It also comes laced with aloe vera and apricot for a soothing and brightening finish. TreeActive is completely cruelty-free making it a good choice for vegans and is clear of any toxic ingredients or parabens. It can also double up as a cellulite cream although results can take their time to shine through.

Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion with Macadamia Nut Oil and Promega-7

Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion with Macadamia Nut Oil and Promega-7, 16 Fl Oz Bottle- Fragrance Free, Paraben Free, Non GMO, White
$20.00 $17.99 ($1.12 / Fl Oz)
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09/11/2023 09:33 am GMT

Macadamia nut oil brings softness, moisture, and sweet healing to the skin. Full of fatty omega acids and vitamin E, your skin is sure to adore this Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion. Along with macadamia nut oil, it also comes stuffed with Promega-7 which is known for helping skin quickly heal any red, cracked, or broken spots. It also comes laced with all the ingredients that crepey skin loves along its healing journey including natural antioxidants, squalene, and omega 7. Being fragrance-free, non-greasy, vegan, and not tested on animals are some additional factors that help put this lotion up there as being great for all skin types and sensibilities.

Gold Bond Strength & Resilience Lotion

Gold Bond Ultimate Strength & Resilience Lotion With Proteins & Lipids for Aging & Mature Skin, 13 oz.
$11.97 ($0.92 / Ounce)
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09/11/2023 09:38 am GMT

Aloe leaf, jojoba, and glycerin all meet together in this Gold Bond Strength and Resilience Lotion lovingly designed to plump up your skin. With its amazing moisturizing formula and high load of essential vitamins and lipids, you can bring plumpness, and elasticity, and strengthen your skin barrier all at the same time. Considered to be a budget-friendly option and with a non-greasy texture, this lotion may be a little on the thick side but it is easily absorbed by the skin. With no artificial fragrance and the fact that it doesn’t clog up your pores, this lotion is a great choice for all skin types although you should avoid using it on the face.

NatureWell Clinical Retinol Advanced Moisture Cream

NATUREWELL Clinical Retinol Advanced Moisture Cream for Face, Body, & Hands, Boosts Skin Firmness, Enhances Skin Tone, No Greasy Residue, Includes Pump, 16 Oz
$24.99 $18.99 ($1.19 / Ounce)
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09/11/2023 09:43 am GMT

Retinol heavy, this NatureWell Clinical Advanced Moisture Cream has a ton of benefits and can help nourish and nurture skin back to a full flush of health. From fading dark spots to bringing back moisture to dry and sensitive skin, NatureWell can also brighten, boost skin elasticity, and firm you up. It also takes its natural name seriously and doesn’t contain anything artificial, including no artificial colorings or flavors. It’s vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and non-GMO based too.

Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Glycolic Body Lotion

Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Glycolic Body Lotion with Marula and Shea Butters. Refining and Moisturizing for Healthy Skin. 240ml/8 fl oz
$28.00 ($3.50 / Fl Oz)
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09/11/2023 09:43 am GMT

Glycolic acid, citric acids, green tea seed oil, a delirious dose of vitamin F and plenty of sodium PCA bring everything you need to the party in this Drunk Elephant TLC Body Lotion. All of these things are geared towards bringing smoothness to an uneven surface. Glycolic acid is also known for its ability to encourage elasticity in the skin and over a course of time can boost epidermal thickness and help protect the skin. Natural kinds of butter like shea and marula also bring their own moisture-rich magic making this lotion the perfect choice for dry skin that requires a little more TLC. This lotion can tingle a little on the application due to the ingredients.

Skin Nation Super Sexy Firming Cream

Tighten up with Skin Nation’s Super Sexy Firming Cream. Feeling all shades of sensual against the skin thanks to all that super soft and fragrant organic aloe vera and rosy apple extract, there’s plenty of vitamin C and natural alpha hydroxy acid in here that helps to gently exfoliate the skin. Getting rid of that dead layer of skin immediately makes skin look brighter, fresher, and younger. The addition of ingredients like shea butter and aloe vera also adds their own goodness helping to diminish dry damaged results. Great at repairing skin damage, Skin Nation is all about celebrating skin although it can have a strong scent to it.

Perricone MD Cold Plasma Plus+ Fragile Skin Therapy

Cold Plasma Plus+ Fragile Skin Therapy | Perricone MD
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This is an award-winning formula for us. The Perricone MD Cold Plasma Plus+Fragile Skin Therapy is rich in retinol, peptides, and hyaluronic acid which is exactly what you need to give your skin strength and nourishment in all the right ways. While some users say the initial scent of this body moisturizer isn’t the most appealing, many agree that it diminishes crepey skin and delivers long-lasting results anywhere on the body.

Do you have a favored lotion to help with sagging skin, loose skin, crepey skin or any other anti-aging skincare products you love? We would love to hear about your experiences.


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