Sivana Spotlight: Beryl Bender Birch…

Sivana Spotlight: Beryl Bender Birch

Beryl Bender Birch


Beryl Bender Birch has been paddle boarding since the beginning of this summer, studying yoga and meditation since 1971, and teaching yoga since 1974.

There is a tribute to her 41 years of teaching in the Sept 2015 issue of Yoga Journal.

Beryl traveled to India for 6 months in l974 as a guest of her teacher, Munishree Chitrabhanu and returned to the US to live in Colorado at 9000 feet for 6 years.

She is the author of 4 books on yoga, including her latest, Yoga for Warriors (written for veterans and active duty military).

She graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in English and Philosophy and currently lives in the Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts with her Siberian huskies, Nellie and Wolfie.

Your Personal or Professional Goals

To see the end of Sea World, factory farming, puppy mills, the ivory market, and Shell drilling in the Arctic, to speak Spanish, write 3 more books, travel to Prague and Budapest, build an adobe in Santa Fe, and be more grateful, more compassionate, and more mindful.

What’s Your Offering to the World

Hoping to contribute to a quantum leap in consciousness through the practice and teachings of yoga.

Who/What Inspires You

Nature, my dogs, the sun & moon & stars, my friends, my students, the trees, people working their asses off for a particular aspect of planetary or environmental health, a bobcat I saw crossing the road yesterday, Yellowstone and Yosemite, Outside Magazine, and gosh, just about everything beautiful.


To be present, to consciously participate in my own evolution, and to benefit others as much as possible.

Favorite Quote

Anything by Einstein or Emerson and Paramahansa Yogananda –

“Live each present moment completely and the future will take care of itself”

The quote by the famous physicist Edwin Schrodinger who said that the teaching of yoga that equated Atman and Brahman was the “grandest of thoughts.”

Online and Social Sites

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