The Benefits Of Organic Clothing

Organic Clothing’s Rising Popularity

To say that organic clothing is a popular trend is definitely an understatement!

It seems everywhere you look in alternative clothing, organic is the buzzword.

In fact, organic clothing sales increased 35% between 2008 and 2009 alone. That’s huge!

It’s not hard to see why: organic is in. Buying organic has become a lifestyle, not just a fashion choice. For many, it represents a better way to shop and feel better about those choices, for many reasons.

The Benefits

Lots of people love the concept of “organic clothing” (even though they may not even know what it is), but what are the actual benefits?

  • The environment- In order for something to be labeled as “organic”, farmers have to make their crops without the use of synthetic herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, or GMO seeds. This means less water run-off contaminated with synthetic chemicals, and therefore less harm to the environment.
  • Labor- Usually, because of the nature of organics and the industry, the company producing the crop is much more likely to be Fair Trade. Fair Trade is the business practice of paying employees fair wages, fair hours, decent working conditions, and putting age restrictions on employee hires. Not to mention, without the synthetic chemicals, it’s healthier for the workers to deal with the product.
  • Feels better- Harsh chemicals like formaldehyde, dyes, and other synthetic additives can react negatively with the skin and the material being used (such as cotton). Organic clothing made without these chemicals is not only overall healthier for the skin, but also feels better too. It’s not uncommon for many people to love the feeling of organic cotton, as it’s often softer against the skin.

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A Better Way

Did you know that cotton only uses about 3% of the world’s farmland, but uses 25% of the world’s chemical pesticides?

There simply has to be a better way…and organic is it.

That’s why we try and get as many pieces of our clothing to be organic as possible. We take it seriously…because why wouldn’t we want to support a sustainable planet?

We’re all in this together!


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