Benefits Of Yin Yoga: Resiliency, Vitality, Remembrance…

Benefits Of Yin Yoga: Resiliency, Vitality, Remembrance

Three benefits of a yin practice

Resiliency: Emotional Health

Vitality: Organ Health

Remembrance: Your Buddha Nature Recalled

Resiliency: Emotional Health

Yin Yoga tends on the contemplative side of yoga, the internal methods of cultivating the bodymind complex, harnessing the chi body, and distributing its resources. The Buddha used one word in his sermons more than any other- Bhavana. Meaning, to cultivate. We have the agency as humans to direct our attention to areas in which we’d like to manifest. As neuroplastic beings, where to attend to is where our force field grows and thickens. As we contemplate our spacious nature, it becomes more alive; the field enlivens as we tune in to it more. Yin Yoga is a commitment to the inner dimensions of experience, and willingness to open up inside & wonder. And when mishaps and disturbances come, a Yin practitioner has trained in quietude and contentment, so that rather than considering it as a hindrance on the path of unfolding, we have an ever-evolving understanding of the nature of this precious existence.

Vitality: organ health

Yin Yoga is a practice which sends refined Prana to the organs. As an inner practice, it resources our vital organs with upgraded flow to rid excess and replenish depletions. The 5 major organs the yin practice addresses are: the spleen, the kidney, the heart, the lungs, and the liver.

Remembrance: Your Buddha Nature Recalled

Evolution by definition has no end- we continue uncovering more truths, and the distortions under those truths, and its never ending potential of increasing our understanding, shearing off layers of separation, debridling from the fear realms, seeking deeper connection. In Yin, we have the spaciousness and quietude to familiarize ourselves with the minds natural state – clear and spacious. Our inherent Buddha nature, ever-present, and always expanding.


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