Benefits Of Citrine

Those who are attracted to citrine are reminded of the radiant energies of summer and sunshine. Its golden color stimulates a sense of happiness and warmth, and is a stone that can brighten your day.

A part of the Quartz family, it carries high vibrational energies that can assist us in multiple ways. Here are just a few of the many benefits this stone carries.

Energizes us

Citrine contains yang energy, which is active and engaging. It helps in energizing us, increasing our motivation and vitality. It activates and aligns all of our chakras so that we are attune to the energies around us.

Cleanses our Auras

Not only does Citrine energize our chakras, it also cleanses them. Its vibrant energies never need cleansing of their own, and can assist us in clearing our auras. It also helps in protecting the auras from unwanted energies.


Called the ‘Merchant Stone’ because of its association to increasing cash flow, Citrine is beneficial for wealth of all kind. It is a stone of abundance, manifesting our desires into reality. It increases luck and prosperity and allows us to maintain these blessings.

Joy & Confidence

Connecting to our Solar Plexus, Citrine stimulates joy in us. It assists in increasing our mood, instilling confidence and self-esteem. It removes destructive tendencies and helps you in seeking a positive attitude.


A stone of self-expression, Citrine helps in unlocking our creativity. It is a great stone for artistic types, helping to stimulate and execute new ideas. It not only links to the Solar Plexus, but connects it to the Third Eye, allowing an ease in manifesting these high spiritual vibrations.


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Marissa has based her energy work around what she defines as EcoSpirituality. It is a strong connection to both earth…

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