Being Non-Vegetarian, Am I Eligible For Moksha-Salvation-Nirvana?…

Being Non-Vegetarian, Am I Eligible For Moksha-Salvation-Nirvana?

Yes, everyone is eligible for moksha (also known as salvation or nirvana), provided one wants it!

Moksha is a state of complete freedom from all pains, sorrows and sufferings experienced while living in this materialistic world. And to attain this, first and foremost, we make a firm determination to not hurt any living being through our body, mind and speech, because if we hurt others, the law of nature is such that we too will have to go through hurt and pain in return.

Sorry for this, but just imagine, how would you feel if a new-born baby were to be killed in front of our eyes? We would call it a ruthlessly cruel act, isn’t it? It is hard to see the little one, having fully-developed five senses, crying out in severe pain and fear. And seeing this, even the mother would be in such immense pain. In short, it is simply not a humane act.

Similarly, it is not humane to kill a chicken, fish, cow, and other flesh-rich animals either because they too are living beings, aren’t they? They too experience enormous fear and therefore run helter-skelter in search of shelter to save their life. How can we enjoy killing someone just for our food then?

Spiritual Science Unleashed: The Spiritual Dangers of Eating Non-Vegetarian Food!

According to Param Pujya DadaBhagwan, who is a spiritual scientist, living beings in this world exist with different number of senses having developed. For instance, plants, fruits and vegetables have only one developed sense. However, birds and animals possess more than one sense. So, when we eat plants, herbs or vegetables our liability is minimal as they are only one-sensed, dormant beings. At the time of death, the suffering that such beings feel is very nominal, as compared to what slaughtered animals feel.

Accordingly, when one eats non-vegetarian food, one comes under much more liability for causing fear and pain and ultimately taking away the life of the developed living beings. Even when we do not directly kill, someone is killing for us (for our food and fulfilling our demand), and hence we become equally responsible for this violence. Thus, the sin committed or the bad karma charged while eating non-vegetarian food brings forward much more suffering in our life than what comes forth by eating plants as food.

Many hurdles come our way on the path of moksha, if we were to consume non-vegetarian food: The knack to grasp the spiritual knowledge significantly declines. And the layers of veils of ignorance obstructing our vision to realize our Real Self too become thicker due to which the inner awareness of what is right and what is wrong diminishes. These effects are very big enough to obstruct our spiritual development.

Please watch this video to know more about it:

So, Can You Still Go to Moksha?

Until today, you had been eating non-vegetarian food without knowing the consequences of it in regards to your spiritual upliftment. However, if you now agree that it is not right to have this kind of food, you can get rid of the effects in this life itself.

Holy books of different religions have many stories of people who were cruel and inhumane but then became great saints and attained salvation. One such popular name is that of Maharshi Valmiki, the author of the Ramayana, who was once a robber and had killed numerous people for successful looting. However, later in his life, as he got self-realized, he left behind all these violent activities.

So, why not you? Even you can attain moksha! For that, you:

1. Make a firm determination of not eating non-vegetarian food from today.

2. Repent and ask for forgiveness for whatever animal violence you have supported until now.

3. Realize your Self from a living spiritual master, the Gnani (for details, please visit


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