Becoming More Self-Reliant May Improve Your Mental Health…

Becoming More Self-Reliant May Improve Your Mental Health

The human body and mind need connection, not only to each other but to other humans. It is one of the things that sets people apart from most animals that are needed for others. It is why you want to find a partner to grow a life with and why you enjoy spending time with your friends. Needing people to connect with is very different from depending on them to care for you. The more self-reliant you are, the better you feel about yourself. Your mental health is being impacted by everything you see, say and do. The way you spend your days and nights will either boost it or bring it down. Find out some of the ways your mental health is connected to an independent lifestyle.

Career Path

The job you begin with is unlikely to be the one you continue to work a few years down the road. Your career path and profession will have a large impact on the way you feel. Working in a field you enjoy will give you purpose and drive to succeed. Doing something your heart isn’t in can drag you down and increase your reliance on others to provide you with moral and physical support. Keep in mind that you can always change careers, regardless of your educational background or age. The course is really yours to chart, leading to feeling more settled and euphoric about the future.

Financial Habits

Being self-reliant allows you to develop your own practices and habits. Since you are on your own, you have to make your lifestyle work within your income parameters. A budget is one way to ensure you stay on track financially and reduce stress, anxiety and depression brought on by overspending and debt. Developing a healthy relationship with money now while you are independent will allow you to bring that knowledge and practice into a future relationship, starting things off on a stronger financial footing.

Social Engagement

Even if you work for a company you love, doing too much of a good thing can take its toll on your brain and body. Too much work and not enough downtime can lead to over exhaustion and depression. It is important as a self-reliant person to maintain strong social connections with friends and family. In this technology-driven world, it may become easy to do everything virtually. FaceTime, Zoom and social media can make it easy to stay hidden away and yet engaged. However, this is not the kind of socializing that will positively impact your mental health over time. Social media and online lives may actually do the opposite and cause anxiety and depression. Make time to see people in person. While you may not be able to commit to sacrificing entire days, a few hours a week catching up with those you love over dinner or an activity will go a long way to keeping you independent and save your sanity.

Spiritual Connection

People who report being the happiest say they have a strong work-life balance, including strong spiritual practices. Whether you are religious or not, you can still develop some kind of spiritual practice. All you need to do is go for a walk in nature to feel connected to something beyond yourself. Invest in a solar battery and spend a day in the woods taking in the sights, smells and sounds. It can become very peaceful in a loud and demanding world. Meditation and yoga are excellent ways to develop a connection that goes beyond what is seen and heard. Taking time to focus on the way you feel and the thoughts that may be impacting your mental health will result in a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Becoming self-reliant is a step that is both exciting and terrifying. However, understanding that you have the power to control your life’s path through the development of a few practices will only improve your mental and physical help. Feeling confident in yourself and your abilities will keep you pushing forward and positive even in difficult times.


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