Be Wilded



Let the walls crumble,

let the programming

bubble to the surface so

you can take a good, hard look

at all the ways you were twisted

and turned upside down

within the layers of

your own story.

Let the story go and don’t

expect it to be easy

but believe that it’s so

worth it.

We are so prone to nestle deeply

into the comfort of our

routine, our people, our ways of

navigating this jarring, tumultuous

bright world,

arranging everything so we can just

be comfortable.


You gotta drop deep,

into you.

Let nourishing

earth-wind-sun-water elements

scrub you and dissolve old debris.

Look directly at those subtle,

gnawing, thoughts/voices in the

background, echoing their narrow

opinions behind your

unfolding experience.

Recognise if they are not rooted in love,

they are not you.

Keep digging my sweet friend,

it’s in there, keep dropping through the bullshit,

Until you hear the voice that is there

unwaveringly, solidly, fiercely

ready to love you inside out.

That is your truth,

that is your intuition,

that is you.


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Jennifer Rose

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A seeker, dreamer and adventurer. I am captivated by the wonder of this earth, the power of nature as medicine…

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