Be The Source Of Love

Cosmic messages

We see your struggle. We know how it feels not to have enough of everything: money, love, abundance, and even good friends.

We are offering you something that may feel slightly odd – be the source of what you so desperately want to have.

– Give away the coins in your pocket to the beggar in the corner as if you have money in abundance. Give to those that have less than you.

Let us clarify what we have just said:

Give away what you think you don’t have enough. We are suggesting that what you believe in your mind to be true is limited to what your eyes can see right now- we are offering you our broad vision:

In our reality money exist everywhere you just need to see the opportunities,  but first let us guide you to the act of faith.

We know how painful it feels to give away when you have very little left for yourself- but we are asking you to do so as an act of faith; go ahead and reach to your pocket giving away these last coins without fearing tomorrow.

When feeling lonely and separated from loved one practice a loving attitude with each step you take -Find people who want what you want -find those who need love and compassion and give it to them unconditionally -they appear in your path for that simple reason -so that you can exercise your generosity and compassion.

What flows through you becomes part of you . Love, compassion will stick to your being, infact it will surround you like a healing wave of soft sun rays in a cold winter day.

You see the action of giving acts like a magnet especially when your purpose is to share it with others. All of a sudden You will experience a “generous universe “ , one that provides enough of what you intend to give.

There is no question here – the law of universe will provide: Give and you shall receive -the universe knows your intentions, and it therefore providing  you with all that you want, so that you can continue to spread it whether it is : Money, love or health.

So when you walk down the street do not hesitate to reach for your pocket-give your coins with a smile and humility-you see the beggar is the reason you can feel love abundance and happiness. He is your opportunity to give so that you can recvieve.

He is sitting in that same corner for you to become a better person, rich in your ability to give and ultimately receive.


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