Be Supple And Flowing And Expand Your Chi Energy…

Be Supple And Flowing And Expand Your Chi Energy

In QiGong and Tai Chi, there are some special aspects of movement that need to be noticed and used in our daily lives.

1 – One Needs Continuity

All things move and flow in life, for instance, take a butterfly, a butterfly is not erratic in its movements… it flows from one flower to the next and we also need to flow in all that we do.

2 – Stop All Sudden Movements

Sudden movements stop the flow of Chi or Qi energy in the body. Stopping the flow causes pain and suffering.

3 – All Sudden Movements Stagnate

All sudden movements stagnate the flow of energy in the body which creates disease. Take a river which overflows its banks… eventually, there are large areas that are flooded and this creates stagnation and breeds insects which create disease. The same goes for our body and mind.

4 – Sudden Stops in Movement Also Stagnate

Stopping all of a sudden constricts the flow of Chi or Qi energy. Our mind and body is like a stream of energy if you dam up the stream great pressure starts to accumulate and eventually that dam will break. This is the same for Chi and Qi energy.

5 – Use Light Flowing Movements

With all light movements, Chi and Qi are expanded upon… and Chi and Qi grow to the point that great health and vitality spread throughout the mind, body, and spirit.

6 – Light Flowing Movements Create a Very Tranquil Mind

Sudden movements create an excited mind that eventually leads to sadness and anxiety.

Light Flowing Movements Lead to Happiness

The natural flow of energy is part of the Whole Universe… which also creates harmony and peace in the mind. We are to be ONE with all that flows and everything flows in the Universe.

So Be Like Water — Flow!

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider

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