Understanding The Tibetan Singing Bowl…

Understanding The Tibetan Singing Bowl

For centuries, the Tibetan people have used sound therapy for healing and spiritual transformation. Used for rituals and food storage, they are usually found in the Tibet regions, Nepal, India, and China and are highly prized but nearly every member of society.

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How the Singing Bowl Works for Medicinal Purposes

Physical matter is made up of vibrations of all different frequencies oscillating together to create the reality we see. Even our bodies are made up of these vibrations and when they are out of synch, we are prone to disease and illness. The healing process works by aligning these frequencies so that they move together in harmony.

Some of the Most Popular Singing Bowls

Manipuri – These are the most common type of bowls that are usually smaller. They produce a higher octave and are used over the heart chakra during healing sessions.

Thadobati – Vertical sides and flat bottoms. These bowls have a huge range of octaves, spanning from the lower third to the upper sixth, depending on size. They are used to get grounded and are often placed near the root chakra, between the legs.

Jambati – These bowls are known for their rounded bottom and high curving sides. They produced a vibration between the second and third octave and come from eastern Tibet.

Lingam – A sharp sound, great for vibrational healing.

Singing bowls are fantastic for meditation, healing, and relaxation. They can bring down your stress levels and anxiety and help with challenging sleep disturbances. They can realign chakras and cleanse negative energy. Next time you think about your wellbeing, try singing bowls!


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