Finding Definitive, Accurate Spiritual Awakening & Enlightenment Guidance…

Finding Definitive, Accurate Spiritual Awakening & Enlightenment Guidance

Do you want or feel a need for a master, guru or guide to help you with your Awakening? Here’s the truth, you don’t actually need one!

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Accurate Guidance

A guide or Bodhisattva who has already accomplished what you are looking to accomplish can only give accurate guidance. There are many wonderful life forms on Earth and they can all teach humans.

Nature can help you with your awakening by illuminating things if you choose to watch nature. Have you ever seen a cheetah ask a sailfish how to run? Have you ever seen a sailfish ask a peregrine falcon how to swim? Have you ever seen a peregrine falcon ask a cheetah how to fly? Don’t seek human guidance. Humans can’t accurately help and guide other humans out of suffering. In nature, can you fly by pulling up your own bootstraps? Humans teach humans how to think and do it differently. Thinking differently doesn’t get you out of suffering. Thinking differently is like providing a painkiller for the suffering. The suffering is still there, but it’s simply masked for the time being.  

All you need is to constantly, consistently and continuously stay focused on The Permanent Moment, and whatever might enter it, for the rest of your life and be aware of the mind. You will therefore no longer identify with it and come to the direct realization of the question, “Who am I” and die at least once and preferably twice. You are the only one responsible for your awakening. If you need guidance understanding, you don’t need help, then you’ll need to find and choose accurate guidance for your Awakening.

Focus on the guidance, not the guide. Guides come and go. Guidance is Permanence.

Life Forms That Don’t Suffer Can Help Humans

Other than the human species, every life form on this planet can help humans out of their suffering. The canine species is one such example.

Dogs live in an accurate reality. Dogs live in The Permanent Now. They also live closely with humans. Dogs are wonderful signposts to Now and no more suffering. Another life form, which has transcended and let go of suffering is an Awaken. Some Awakens communicate more accurately than other Awakens. If I was still searching and Aware of what I am Aware of now, I would find an Awaken who Woke Up/died twice and the second time (s)he Woke Up/died was Absolute.

The first time an Awaken dies is when (s)he Wakes Up into accurate Reality and comes to the direct realization there is no REAL individual self, no REAL me/I and the past, future and suffering are all illusory. The second time an Awaken dies, (s)he Wakes Up to Pure Awareness-Bliss and to what Real Life, Absolute NOthing, Accuracy, and Permanence are and comes to the direct realization this entire universe is simply a dream of motion The Self is having. Awakens at this depth and breadth of Awareness are generally accurate communicators.

Practical Application and Theoretical Conversation Writing Styles

When choosing accurate guidance, find an Awaken who delivers the information about how to wake up into accurate Reality through a practical application writing style more than a theoretical conversation writing style. The practical application writing style guides you through and past the conceptualization stage, Step Zero, and into Awakening. The theoretical conversation writing style keeps you, most likely, stuck in the conceptualization stage. Let’s use an analogy to help you understand some differences between reading information in the practical application writing style and the theoretical conversation writing style. Let’s use learning how to fly as the parallel for Awakening.

Theoretical Conversation Writing Style

When you learn how to fly, the wind will feel so wonderful moving across your face. When flying through a cloud, moisture will take on an entirely new dimension. If you are afraid of heights and you learn how to fly high, when you are up in the sky and looking down toward the ground, you will laugh and giggle and give your nose a little wiggle!

Practical Application Writing Style

The first step in learning how to fly is step X. Here’s step X. After you have completely mastered X, you will move on to step Y and eventually step Z. During step X, you might have an issue with (insert challenge here). The way through this challenge is to do (insert action here). Practice by doing these exercises. All the best. ☺ One style basks in the glory of information and the other style is crafted by an Awaken and moves you through the conceptualization stage and into Awareness. One provides more accurate guidance. ☺ Reading personal accounts of Awakens won’t help you Awaken.


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