Ancient Buddha Statue Emerges From Lake After Water Lowers By 30 Feet…

Ancient Buddha Statue Emerges From Lake After Water Lowers By 30 Feet

Without a doubt, Buddhism is one of the oldest religions in the world, with strong roots in the east. So it’s not a surprise that wonderful archeological discoveries are made all the time in this area.

In this newest discovery, Chinese archaeologists are solving the mystery of a Buddha statue which appeared from a lake. The stone relic, found in Nancheng County in Fuzhou, could date as far as the 14th century. The statue was discovered at last year when villagers saw its head emerging from the surface of the water in the lake in Fujian Province.

The water level of Zuixian Lake, also known as Hongmen reservoir, was lowered by more than 30 feet due to a project to renovate a hydropower gate.

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Interestingly, villagers also found an imperial decree carved into the stone, as well as rectangular holes carved on the cliff. It’s believed that the holes could provide proof that a temple had existed in the area. When the reservoir was built in 1958, 63 towns and villages, including this ancient site, were completely submerged to create the lake.

Check out a video of the discovery on CNN!


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