Balancing Your Chakras With Sound…

Balancing Your Chakras With Sound

Balancing the Chakras

Like all things in nature, we exist on a frequency.

And this especially applies to our chakra centers.

Everything from daily living to trauma can throw these centers out of balance, and the most natural way to balance these chakras is with the use of sound (which is also a frequency).

When music is tuned to the frequency of each specific chakra, it will naturally balance it, bringing the chakra back in tune with the body, nature, and the universe.

Think of all the external frequencies that we are bombarded with daily: everything from our cell phones to radio and TV towers, electrical lines, household appliances, and so on.

All of these frequencies affect us negatively and contribute to throwing our chakras out of balance; not to mention the other daily stresses of life, diet, and so on.

It’s therefore important to balance the chakras regularly with music specially tuned to specific frequencies.

The music’s vibration will match the vibration of the specific chakra and re-tune it.

This re-tuning will aid the body’s natural healing ability, bring you back into synchronicity with nature, and return you to a calm and balanced state.

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Depending on how sensitive you are (if you have any physical ailments, or how long it has been since you balanced your chakras, if at all), you may experience a few notable sensations such as a pulling, tightening, or tingling at a specific chakra while doing sound balancing.

You may also experience physical symptoms like an immediate headache, coughing or other bodily symptoms; you may even feel a pull in the forehead at the third eye as the third eye balances and opens.

These are just a few symptoms that you could experience.

Everyone is different with different levels of sensitivities.

And as with anything, the more you practice balancing your chakras with sound, the more you will benefit.

A Time of Renewal

When looking for music to balance the chakras, be sure to check that it is specifically tuned to each one.

It should be soft and flowing, and will not usually contain a beat or percussion.

Once you have found the appropriate music, sit or lie back, close the eyes, and simply allow the music to do the work.

You may choose to do a visual spinning of the chakras as you listen to the music, or you may simply allow any visuals to come to you as you visit each chakra with the music.

However you choose to experience the balancing of your chakras with sound, you are sure to feel a renewed difference physically, mentally, and spiritually.


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