3 Ways to Balance Your Heart Chakra…

3 Ways to Balance Your Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra

When we feel out of balance in our lives, every part of our inner being becomes unbalanced.

In this series, we will be focusing on each of the Seven Chakras to heal, balance, and receive positive energy for genuine wellbeing and vitality.

The Anahata, or Heart Chakra, is the energy center closely intertwined with the strong emotions of joy, compassion, friendship, and love; as well as anger, passion, and sadness.

The Heart Chakra is involved with Mahakaruna – or the Universal Compassion, Our True Self.

It is the place in which our spiritual and emotional development is heightened to where we can experience Unconditional Love towards others.

When our Heart Chakra is unbalanced, our lives tend to be overruled by negativity towards others- greediness, desperation, feeling unworthy of love and affection, and love others with conditions (“If you do this, I will love you. If you do not act/dress/stay this way, I will not love you”.)

An unbalanced Anahata affects the physical body as well, such as poor circulation, high/low blood pressure, heart issues, respiratory problems, and chest pains.

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Tip #1: Green Heals the Heart

Green is the color associated with the Fourth Chakra.

When you bring yourself to surroundings where green is plentiful – such as the trees and plants in nature – your Heart Chakra will feel at peace, allowing for healing to occur.

Green candles, green pictures or paintings, and even green painted walls can open up a closed Heart Chakra when outside nature cannot be explored.

Choose green foods on your plate – spinach, kale, swiss chard, romaine lettuce, parsley, bok choy, limes, green apples, honeydew melons, avocados, green peppers, cucumbers, and the like, all help balance the Heart Chakra.

Tip #2: Use the Element of Air

Air is the element of the Heart Chakra, so surround yourself with this element often to help the Anahata thrive.

Walking on the beach or in the open plains, where the air can brush against your face – even feeling the breeze from an open window in your home – will do wonders for the Heart Chakra!

Tip #3: Balance with YAM

In the note of “B,” chanting YAM can begin balancing the Fourth Chakra.

This sound therapy vibrates the chakra and can bring it back to alignment.

Practice meditation and the YAM chanting for a few minutes each day, along with verbal affirmations (“My heart is full. I am love. I forgive. I can heal.”) for healing.

When we allow our hearts be open to love, forgiveness, and compassion, our Heart Chakra will become open as well.

Never forget what the Heart Chakra truly and naturally represents – LOVE.

Practice a random act of kindness every day, forgive easily, and love all who enter your life (for the good and the bad).

With these actions and intentions, your Heart Chakra will remain open, balanced, and alive.


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Jennifer Van Leuven


Jennifer is a 200HR Registered Yoga Teacher, specializing in chakra diagnostics, PTSD recovery, mind-body-spirit wellness, mindset transformation, and stress relief…

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