3 Ways to Balance Your Crown Chakra…

3 Ways to Balance Your Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra

When we feel out of balance in our lives, every part of our inner being becomes unbalanced.

In this series, we will be focusing on each of the Seven Chakras to heal, balance, and receive positive energy for genuine well being and vitality.

This is the last post in the series, focusing in on the Seventh Chakra – the Crown.

Also known as the Sahasrara in Sanskrit (meaning “the lotus flower of 1000 petals”), the Crown Chakra allows us to reach beyond the physical and connect with The Divine.

While our Root Chakra is known to ground us and connect us with the Earth, the Crown Chakra opens our gateway to enlightenment to the spiritual realm.

We desire to move forward, to understand and know what we normally could not fathom, as we realize our thought patterns affect what happens around us.

The Sahasrara is the link between what we know in our existence and what we desire to become knowledgeable – in Eternal Bliss, Infinite Wisdom, and Great Compassion.

When our Crown Chakra is imbalanced and unaligned, we experience dysfunction in our consciousness, such as developing narcissistic or selfish behavior, feeling a lack of purpose in life, fear of dying, fear of the afterlife, quick to blame others for what happens in life, chronically exhausted, and disconnected from the surface. We may also become very close-minded and unable to process new experiences with positivity and acceptance.

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Tip #1: Choose Violet Colors

Violet is the color of the Crown Chakra (or white; all of the colors together).

When you actively place yourself in a violet colored setting – in a colored room, light up violet colored candles, or wear violet colored clothing – your Seventh Chakra will realign and balance out.

Bring out the colors on your plate with violet-colored or white-colored foods, as well as foods closest to their natural state or warmed by the sun: white onions, leeks, white potatoes, white rice, mushrooms, cauliflower, garlic, plums, raisins, grapes, purple potatoes, purple carrots, black currents, purple peppers, elderberries, purple asparagus, figs, and elderberries.

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Inner-light is the element of the Seventh Chakra – also seen as thought. 

We can ignite our Crown Chakra when we spend time meditating – in nature, especially – connecting with every inner and outer part of our being.

Thought brings us closer with every part of life – the physical and spiritual.

Open up your Crown and experience this great energy with daily meditation in nature!

“I am here to grow and to learn,” “I am fully balanced in the physical and spiritual realms,” and “Everything happens for a reason,” are all mantras that will vibrate the Crown Chakra into harmony.

Believed to be the sound of the Universe, the sound of “OM” in “B” will also be beneficial for the Sahasrara.

When we are struggling with the ideas of something beyond us, something bigger, we know this is an indication that we need to focus on our Crown Chakra.

When we understand that life’s circumstances happen for a reason and that there is a Greater Power rather than just the physical, daily life, we can grow and love with greater capacity.

Not only live, but thrive.


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Jennifer is a 200HR Registered Yoga Teacher, specializing in chakra diagnostics, PTSD recovery, mind-body-spirit wellness, mindset transformation, and stress relief…

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