Awakening Your Intuition To Think Big With The New Moon In Pisces, March 2nd, 2022…

Awakening Your Intuition To Think Big With The New Moon In Pisces, March 2nd, 2022

On March 2nd, 2022, genuinely extraordinary energy shines on Earth with the New Moon in Pisces. The Moon and Sun are sitting together with Jupiter, a giant planet in our solar system.

Jupiter brings luck, abundance, protection, and the ability to think big.

With this new cycle of creation, the New Moon is meeting with the spiritual Pisces to awaken our intuition and spiritual connection. Be in the spirit of magic and ceremony when you go to sleep because Pisces magic dust will enter your dreams to open you to the divine messages that will come straight from your source connection.

In Pisces, this mystical New Moon forms some unique cycles: Venus conjunct Mars and Pluto.

Venus’s sense of love, beauty, service, and creativity is marrying the practicality and determination of Mars, boosted by Pluto’s powerful and transformative energy.

The Venus-Mars-Pluto energy cycle is playing out a process of revelations, releases, and self-mastery to give us a product that can be assimilated in all dimensions, including the physical one, to reinvent our lives relationships and be of impact to the world.

The presence of the Asteroid Vesta uniting Venus in the next few days after the New Moon will reinforce the pure feminine energy, will assert the devotion to spirit and service (not to be confused with servitude) as a high form of love to be spread in our humanity and gradually transform the energies of selfishness and corruption so common in our belief systems.

We can use these powerful Cosmic influences to work with our root chakra, process deep fears, anger, insecurities, ancestral blockages, to build up and pull out the old and break it all down to create liberation.

This New Moon in Pisces has a very innovative energy of clarity that pushes us into evolving, exchanging information with people, resources, a sense of self, and money. By participating in this creative cycle of the New Moon, we are called to bring in new processes of humanity, with a greater sense of fraternity, love, and solidarity for fellow human beings.

Saturn and Mercury conjunct will help you think clearly and create goals and plans to help with new boundaries within the spectrum of Pisces open space.

Mercury’s genius way of thinking will also contribute to breaking down the old walls and bringing aha moments and flashes of light that will enlighten your path into the future.

This is the time to form or find communities where people share new mystical interconnectivity, know the value of support, and enjoy nurturing each other.

The vibration of the Sound Consciousness will guide you into the current of Donatella’s SoulSinging chants along with the magical crystalline quality of the Singing Bowls to journey into the peaceful energy of Pisces, with an empty mind and a heart full of love.


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