Awakening To Channeling Angels…

Awakening To Channeling Angels

My awakening occurred the day I channeled my first angel message. The word ‘awakening’ is as old as time itself. Awakening isn’t reserved for special people or saints. We can all awaken and I know because I did. Every culture on earth has had spiritual people, seers, psychics, religious teachers who have awakened to otherworldly information. Even the word ‘alchemy’ was a metaphor for the enlightened soul turning from lead to gold.

You’ve heard of meditation. It’s the easiest way to open your self-awareness as you tune inward. Our higher self, the best part of our souls are receptive to this high guidance from our angels and spiritual guides. This wisdom is available to us once we don’t tune it out with mind chatter. I know, because it happened for me.

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Real-life Awakening

I was finishing the last class of my Master’s degree in Education in my last elective class, Stress Management for children. During our session, we had to remain silent, as Buddhists do when they take a vow. After four hours of silence, my mind chatter ceased. Soon, colors appeared around people. I was stunned. After some investigation, I learned that I was seeing the energy field, known as the aura.

After class, I decided to ask God for life direction. I always prayed, but this time I decided to ask a specific question and listen. I recited the Our Father prayer and then asked, “God, send me your angelic messengers and tell me what you want me to know. The bible says seek and ye shall find and I’m seeking.” Then I waited.

I felt a strong bolt of energy surge through me. I sat ram-rod straight, as if a military officer just arrived and yelled, “Attention!”  

I knew someone or something had just entered, but I had no fear of it. Flummoxed by the searing energy on the top of my head, my crown started to feel tingly; my skull felt a strong vibration, which moved right down my spine.

Next, I began to receive a small, slow, steady stream of words. I was fully conscious, but I felt as if I was a new secretary with a patient boss. I was not in any trance, yet I didn’t know the next word I’d type until it appeared in my head. I didn’t know how each sentence or phrase would end. This process was completely different from any writing I had ever done.  The language and phrasing was archaic and not my own. When I finished, I took a breath, astounded as I reread the words. I remember thinking, “I’m not this smart and I don’t write like this!” I put the message aside.

Confirmation From Others

The first person I showed was a non-judgmental friend of mine named Melissa. She said, “This is a real message. This is amazing.”

But I still had trepidations about my communication. She invited me to go to a healers gathering of meditators. I stuffed the communication in my pocket, having a strong intuition I’d find the right person to share it. True to my gut feelings, one of the attendees was a minister. I almost lost my courage as I handed him the message. “Read this!” I said. After he read it, he explained that Angel Uriel, who is the angel of Salvation and fire, puts seekers on their true path. That explained the searing heat on the top of my head. He told me to pray to God, open to Uriel and angels of God’s light.

He explained images of light and darkness in the message and other symbolism from religious texts he was familiar with, such as a reference of the Star of David. I researched Angel Uriel and discovered that Uriel chained Satan. I also discovered that I had received this message on the feast day of Angel Uriel! Aha, another strange coincidence!

The minister assured me that my prayers and intentions were pure and I had to continue. He helped ally my own fear of breaking cosmic law and I am grateful to him for that day. I also know that the angels set that meeting up for me. The first in a string of many meetings the angels put in my place.

Beginning of My Journey

I had channeled for myself for three years before I ever channeled a word for anyone else.

As I continued to channel messages, I learned that clearer questions provide better answers. My faith continued to be tested. Showing the first message was only the start of it. Soon after, more life tests emerged and I continued on. An angel’s mission is to help us all find hope, forgive others, and spread love. We are here to complete the mission we came here to do. My own life gave me many examples to practice forgiveness, peacefulness, and guidance. 

Uriel requested that I get on my path and start helping people. I had free will to decide if I was ready to complete this request. I did just that. I’ve been channeling angels for others for twenty-four years.


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