Awaken Your Love For Truth During The Full SuperMoon On June, 14th, 2022…

Awaken Your Love For Truth During The Full SuperMoon On June, 14th, 2022

The Full SuperMoon in Sagittarius on June 14th, 2022, brings in the spirit of expansion through joy and the desire for adventure, fun, trust, and positive expectations. This Full SuperMoon’s light will support our lives in our day-to-day work, enliven the way we think, and inspire how we enjoy ourselves.

Sagittarius’ love for freedom, exploration, and wisdom manifests through truth, magic, and creative energy.

Through the Sagittarius’ frequency, you can see the world from a broader perspective; its pioneer quality will inspire you to start doing new activities and hobbies or take your talent to the next level of mastery.

Remember that Sagittarius’s love for truth pushes us to see ourselves with eyes of compassion and to look into the aspects of ourselves that need to see the light of the day, open up and show up, or change if it is necessary.

The Sun in the airy and witty Gemini adds positivity, good communication, and the ability to see the bigger picture. It is an excellent time to read more, travel, and share your perspectives with others to expand and open up more.

Neptune has a significant influence on this Full Moon.

Stay grounded and in integrity! Neptune squaring the Moon will open higher realms for you to discover more of your spiritual self. Find ways to go within; listen to music, dance, drum, or meditate to avoid getting into a dreamy state, ungrounded and foggy, anxious and insecure.

If you do feel foggy and a little bit out of your body, don’t panic! On June 14th, the light of the Full Moon will shine bright to show you what you need to see. Be open and ready so that you won’t be surprised. You may start to see yourself with new eyes as a new sense of self-worth and faith in yourself surge.

Connect and create more emotional stability by spending some time alone to commit to the spiritual revelations you are receiving at this time and then share them in deep conversations with your family or community.

Saturn, the planet of manifestation, stability, and commitment is helping with Neptune’s spiritual downloads by grounding and supporting you in applying the new lessons in your practical aspects of life.

Mars conjunct with Chiron is lighting up the fire of the sacred warrior within you, with just the right energy needed to explore life with courage and positivity.

Cultivate a coherent behavior by balancing what you say with what you do.

Mercury trining Pluto is bringing the power of self-sovereignty. Pluto is the planet of empowerment, and Mercury inspires you by choosing the right words to empower yourself and others.

Jupiter, the planet of optimism and ruler of Sagittarius, harmonizes with Mercury to bring a wealth of ideas, joy, enthusiasm about your future, and a positive driving focus.

It’s time to have a good time and party with friends and the people you love.

Let your light sparkle, open your heart to new people, have fun, create magic, and be grounded as you expand your connections and open your space to others. And if you feel ready, be open for romance.

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