Awaken The Courageous Woman Ritual…

Awaken The Courageous Woman Ritual


The courageous woman creates something from nothing,

Instead of being defensive she chooses to be her higher self, without any explanations, or permission.

She finds ways to grow and evolve, even if feeling stuck.

She is learning to cocoon herself, reinventing herself, and rebirthing.

Allowing herself to feel, and embracing herself fully.

She walks with her head up high, without any shame or blame.

She is courageous enough to see her shadow, to see the darkness,

She is courageous enough to see the light within and outside herself.

She is willing to heal the internal pain ~ despite the pain, She is daring to reinvent, recreate, to rise again and again, and again, XO Kohava

Being courageous

means to dare greatly, without apologies or fear of “what if….”

It means facing your worst fear or shadow, without feeling shame, guilt or not good enough.

It’s to work with fear as your best friend, see it as part of who you are, see it as a lesson to grow from, and not to be intimidated by it.

It’s loving yourself unconditionally and trusting that you have been guided. Just by doing so, you will feel confidence rising from within your soul.

It’s to dare to start a new thing, even if it is a totally new territory.

Practicing being courageous is a daily routine.

Are you courageous enough to let go of things, and to be free of limitations?

Awaken the Courageous Woman Ritual:

You will need:

Your journey

Natural rocks

A candle

The Ritual:

1. Find a secret place for your ritual, sit on a comfortable pillow on a mat.

Safely light your candle (in a fireproof container)

Say a prayer – “I’m inviting the courageous woman within me. I allow the wisdom of my body to guide me.”

2. Open your journal, and answer these questions. Don’t rush, take your time.

What is a burden or worry that is no longer serving you in your life or at work?

What habits, limiting beliefs or patterns leave you feeling overwhelmed or drained?

What is your biggest fear?

What is your biggest challenge?

What is wasting your time and energy?

3. Now, review your answers, and choose only 3 challenges that you are absolutely, courageously ready to let go of.

4. Next, choose 3 rocks from the basket, each rock will represent one challenge that you are ready to letting go of.

Then, close Your eyes, Take a breath, and pick up one rock, feel it, whisper to it, and say from within your soul, “This rock represents ________”

For example: “This rock represents my fear of success” or “This rock represents my addiction to sugar” or

“This rock represents my relationship or a friend” or “This rock represents perfectionism”, “

Repeat with each rock

5. Now, go for a walk in nature, and mindfully let go of each rock, with a blessing, kindness, love, and gratitude.

After you let go of the rocks, sit in stillness, breathe and say this affirmation: “I send love and kindness to myself – May I experience all the love and happiness in my life, may I feel protected and safe.”

6. In your journal, courageously write down what is your next action step in overcoming your limiting beliefs/fears/challenges that you just released.

♥ Sending blessings to you along your path – May you be happy, may you be loved, may you be peaceful, May you live in harmony and grace, may you feel protected and safe, may your physical body be supported with strength and health, may your life unfold smoothly with grace and ease. May you be free to live the life of your dreams ♥


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