Awake And Create In The Magical World Of The New Moon In Pisces…

Awake And Create In The Magical World Of The New Moon In Pisces

The next New Moon in Pisces is a Moon for a spiritual adventure.

With surges of energies coursing in our bodies, we are being upgraded to higher frequencies of evolution and connecting to higher forces that function in Love’s Consciousness.

Be ready to outgrow the old way to perceive your existence limited by time, sickness, and death because adventure is the theme in this higher consciousness new space.

The Sun is shining light into the Pisces dreamy, magical, and mystical character, making it natural for us to connect to altered states of perceptions.

For our Soul to develop and mature, we need to allow time in connection with Divine Source, gather sensory information, learn discernment and use our hearts to make choices.

Pisces offers an ethereal and intangible frequency that opens up the inner state of self-knowing, moves us beyond effort, logic, and time, allowing us to create a stable connection with our internal reference point.

Use poetry, romance, and tune into the law of nature to get a taste of what it is to live outside the confinement of time and space. Forget for a moment the feelings of anger, fear, anxiety, and paranoia that are rampant when we focus on the daily news or try to make sense of what is going on in the world.

Create a future out of a self-mastered, highly guided intention.

The critical point is to come out of reaction, release the attachment to “what should be,” and accept that the old has to clash on its own without your attention/criticism or saving.

A great tool of creation is the habit of feeling joy for the little things that make your life pleasant, expressing gratitude for what you have and what you will receive, finding and cultivating peace. These practices sometimes require spending some time alone and even distancing yourself from people who are unwilling to let go and find more pleasure talking about what doesn’t work.

The Moon in Pisces constellation is rich in high knowledge elements (Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn in Aquarius) and elegance, creativity, and connection to source (the Sun, the Moon, Venus, and Neptune in Pisces). It’s urging us to connect to the source of this higher knowledge to make up our minds and choose our stand.

Instead of watching the news and getting fed with pre-constructed ideas, use your magical antennas and your perception to enter the newly available dimension of love-consciousness.

Start by understanding that love is not a feeling or an emotional state but a state of being, a creative intention that forms flawless realities.

Use clear intentions throughout the day, focus your thoughts towards what you want, imagine manifesting them in the space of no contrast, no sickness, and no failure.

Use your dream world to get guided/trained in this new dimension.

Be intentional and ask questions before going to sleep. Keep a dreams journal and jot down all that you remember first thing in the morning.

Spend a reasonable amount of time just paying attention to the new reality unfolding in your sensory perception, and become familiar with the subtle energy that its result manifests.

Practice it enough to get the benefits out of this outer-dimensional thinking.

You are a source of creation.

You make a difference in the world with the choices you make within yourself.

Find your awakened warrior light within you and contribute to forming a new reality through the quality of energy you emit in the collective.

At this time, it is essential that we find a way to support each other even if we stand in opposite directions. The collaborative energy of respect and support will be the common denominator that makes the collective a sacred space for our human experience.




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