Tina Heals

Mumbai India

A Keeper of Womb Wisdom, Writer, Public Speaker and Occultist, I play the role of a Lifecoach, Bodyworker and Soulguide in your life who takes you through a deep transformative experience while you explore the psycho-somatic/spiritual with me.

I work with you through a bunch of modalities like meditation, yoga, tantra, NLP, Tarot, Astro, Reiki, Touch Therapy and much more. Being a psychic and empath kinda adds to the dynamics.

If you want me to create this sacred space for you while you explore consciousness and the paradigm of the mystical, then please drop me an email.

I have a show on Airtel DTH called Healing with Tinaheals, so catch that with 16 million other people.

I do live Tarot reads on FB where thousands from all over the world join, so please catch me during the FM and the NM to get me to read FREE for you.

And do visit my daily astro/philosophy/spiritual updates in the form of my Museletters.
Find me on Patreon, Twitter, Insta and FB.
Signing off my love~~


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