Abraham Gordon


Abraham Gordon is a real human type of human. What does that mean? Well, he believes that life is too serious to take seriously.
He is the middle child of five; and it was only after becoming an adult, that he realized how much he enjoyed spending time alone. Embarking on many solo expeditions, a joy of writing was stumbled upon.
Abraham has made a home for himself in more than ten different communities. He is a believer in the value of diverse experiences. He has worked as a server, a restaurant manager, a game center manager, a ski shop technician, retail associate, a yoga and meditation instructor, and a craft cocktail bartender. Abraham has been a school teacher in Taiwan, Israel, South Korea, and the United States. He has also been a special education teacher in Manhattan and a physical education teacher in Los Angeles. Abraham’s experience working in various schools, led to the belief that education is an institution which has been tragically overlooked as a key factor toward the achievement of greater species progression. “I’m often flabbergasted at the lack of interest in a system which has the ability to improve every other system.”

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