Stacy Lee

Pennsylvania USA

Stacy Lee Hoch, MA, CLC is the self healing sherpa behind every woman’s must read book Imperfectly Sane available on Amazon. Imperfectly Sane pulls her readers who’ve lived through the darkness of a passed down family system of traumas, who’ve been shamed into oppression and silence, into the light of self healing & sovereignty with a powerful voice that gives each reader a taste of their own powerfully quiet but always there, voice.
Stacy offers services that have catapulted her own radical healing in her one to one private practice with highly motivated clients all over the world who appear to have their lives together by their external image, but their mental and emotional lives feel lost on them.
An Elephant Journal Columnist, an adjunct psychology professor & local workshop facilitator, Stacy is a lover by choice, fighter by necessity, with her first priority being her role of a naturalist mother to three cherubs who keep her ridiculously busy and always growing.
She’s a founding member of an Environmental Charter School, earth, healing, and True Knowledge advocate extraordinaire.

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