Rajan Narayanaswamy

New Jersey USA

Namaste! This is the Indian way of greeting with folded hands and is the same gesture used when praying to any god in the temple. In the Vedantic teachings each one of is divine. I had the great fortune to live in the holy and ancient city of Varanasi for 21 years where I completed my Ph.D. in Physics. I cannot describe the spiritual intoxication of Varanasi where even the mutual greeting between people is ‘Jai Ram’ or ‘Hail Lord Rama’. Varanasi is the land that produced great saints like Kabirdas, Tulsidas, Lahiri Mahasaya and this is the place where the Buddha chose to deliver his first sermon. Varanasi sowed the seeds of spirituality in me which has sprouted in my life to make me into a humble teacher of Yoga and Vedanta, I am intimately associated with the Chinmaya Mission a premier institution for Vedantic studies. I live in New Jersey with my wife and two daughters. May you find the peace and happiness within.

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