Cherie Doyen is a PTSD change agent and passionate advocate for children (small and grown) who have been subjected to Trauma… Be it service oriented, Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking, Childhood physical, sexual and emotional abuse. The focus of her work is to help victims who struggle to move out of the reactionary mode of PTSD into the action of life.

Through her one-on-one work, Cherie’s program implements her unique TimeLine Integration Method, coupled with tools and strategies to diffuse emotion around trauma and begin the process of rebuilding one’s life—not just to survive, but truly thrive. Her approach supports personal responsibility and the healing of a client’s PTSD “timeline” while guiding the client through the learning process of conscious choice making. Cherie’s holistic approach integrates her TimeLine Integration Method, metaphysical psychology, Matrix energetics, medical intuition and meditation.


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