Bruce Burger

California USA

n 1978 we founded Heartwood Institute, one of the worlds leading centers for professional training in massage and the natural healing arts. At Heartwood, we participated in a revolution in the understanding and practice, of holistic healing, and the emergence of Energy Medicine.

All life is sacred. Integrating spirituality into our life is the key to healing. Health and happiness blossom in a life attuned to Spirit.

We offer unique a synthesis of Transpersonal and Somatic Psychology. It offers a constant focus on unitive consciousness… as the key to healing and self-actualization.

In our Energy As Medicine workshops we offer a profoundly effective approach to wellness based on the moment to moment experience of Self Realization, through balanced energy and balanced living.

We invite you to join us in an exhilarating journey of epiphanies home to the experience of your Divine Self.


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